Mihai Savu


Lead photo and videographer of Loves his 4K projector and multi-channel setup more than his mother in law, has also a subwoofer and a projection screen fetish (bigger is always better). Kisses good-night his daughters and his camera lens Doesn’t drink liquors and it’s too serious at times, his arch-nemesis is his partner (the other guy from around here).

Rodrigo Fredes


Contributor of music lover and audio enthusiast, my passion for music in special live music it has made this last one part of my life/work, I’m a concert photographer since 2010 based in New York City area, shooting multiple shows during the year specially of Rock & Metal music When I’m not working I spend most of my time listening my music collection and enjoying a glass of bourbon, I take care more of my audio equipment than my relationships and yes… I do like Diana Krall sometimes.

Sandu Vitalie


Founder and lead editor of At a younger age I discovered that my stock Walkman headphones and my home boom-box sucked big time. Since then I wander the world in a quest to find the world’s best transducers in a headphone or speaker form. When low at inspiration I drink potions mixed with strong spirits and I raise that volume up, I headbang at rocks gigs and I’m a pretty good wedding crasher. I’m sorry I don’t have a favorite band, I like almost everything out there…except for Diana Krall.