Topping released their entry-level L30 headamp with NFCA modules

Topping just released their newest L30 headphone amplifier to complement their hugely popular E30 DAC. Going by the footsteps of its bigger brother A90, it employs the same Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier (or NFCA for short) technology, that currently has one the best measurements ever recorded in a headphone amplifier.

Don’t be taken back by its small size, because in terms of specs, L30 is more than capable to drive even the most demanding headphones out there.

With 3500mW of power under its belt, with an output impedance of just 0.1 Ohms and a dynamic range of 141 dB, L30 is suitable not only for inefficient desktop headphones, but also for your ultra sensitive IEMs. Having such a low output impedance, the damping factor should be unaffected at all at any impedance.

L30 has 3 gain positions (+9, 0 and -9 dB), I’m happy that Topping included a unity gain setting as well of 0 dB which I like the most in all headphone amplifiers.

Should you wish to use it as a preamp in a speaker based setup, with a flip of a switch it will defeat and outperform the preamp inside their E30 DAC in no time.

L30 has only a single 6.35mm or 1/4″ headphone jack, that was put in place to work with your growing headphone collection. Be it Ultra-sensitive, portable or desktop headphones, L30 is more that capable to drive them all a with some headroom left to spare.

The best part? Its incredibly low price point. You can have your Topping L30 for $129.99 by following this link

Do note that Apos Audio is offering free shipping in USA, an extra year of warranty, lowest price guarantee and 30-day free returns in case you don’t like it.

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