About Us

We at Soundnews.net have a small team but a Huge passion for everything that is related to audio. Literally everything from small IEM type earphones to really big speakers and everything in-between, that’s right, we even like those funky looking Bluetooth speakers.

We are driven by passion but also by quality audio recordings, we are always on the hunt for new music and for new audio experiences.

We will be covering industry news, previews, well-documented reviews and dedicated measurements for headphones, DACs and Amps.

We are also having a dedicated Youtube channel for everything audio related, its fun, please check it out.

In case you want to be in touch with us, please use our contact-us form found here.

Oh…forget to tell, we promise, we’ll not listen to that Nils Lofgren song and to any of Diana Krall masterpieces.