T+A Solitaire P Headphone Review – Rise and Reign!

Four weeks ago, my crew and I returned from the Munich High End Show 2024, and a few days later, we posted our in-depth show report, which I wholeheartedly recommend checking out. If you go past the best-of-show awards, you’ll see lots of HiFi systems that impressed us deeply. Although I tried quite a few high-end headphones on various high-end setups, the one and only headphone that blew me away was the Solitaire P by the German manufacturer T+A.

Immediately after returning home, I started shooting emails left and right, as I wanted to try them out in the comfort of my home. Well, the Solitaire P arrived, and after more than three weeks of non-stop listening, I’m ready to offer my honest impressions, including a critical comparison with the HiFiMan Susvara.

Before we move on, I have an important disclaimer to share with you: I decided to purchase the Solitaire P for myself, so this is not a review sample, this is not a loaner unit, and this is not a sponsored video. This is my own pair, and this will be my unbiased review for this wonderful set of headphones.

The Solitaire P are end-game headphones, and as such, they will cost you a pretty penny, more precisely €5.200 here locally and $6900 across the pond. If you aren’t interested in high-end headphones, no worries, I have plenty of entry-level headphone reviews on our channel, but if you are into the best of the best headphones, then you shouldn’t skip this video.

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