Overall Score: 91/100

Musician Pegasus II R2R DAC Review – Music Lovers Unite!

Hello everyone, and welcome back. About four years ago, I had the opportunity to try out the very first Musician Audio DAC, the Pegasus. Back then, it impressed me with its smooth flow, organic tonality, and above-average resolution for an R2R DAC. Now, they’ve introduced its successor, the Pegasus II, which maintains the same price point of $1100. Adjusting for inflation, it’s about 17% cheaper than its predecessor.

Following the principle of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” we’re presented with identical casing, buttons, inputs, and outputs. The Pegasus II boasts the same fully CNC machined case and metallic feet, ensuring consistency in build quality. However, improvements include a custom-made AC socket with gold-plated contacts and a 50% increase in the capacitance of electrolytics, which is always a positive development. While some aspects have been altered, others have been retained, but its performance remains to be seen in our usual testing routine.

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