Electrocompaniet uplifts ECI 6 integrated and ECI 6 DX DAC/Streamer to Mark II status

Electrocompaniet is launching a new integrated amplifier in its Classic Line series. The ECI 6 MKII is a powerful integrated amplifier, equipped with 4 analogue inputs. The new ECI 6 MKII offers 2 x 125 Watts and is based on the successful ECI 5 MK II. To enhance it, they have equipped the ECI 6 MKII with an even better power supply and a more sophisticated preamplifier module. As a result, it transformed into an extremely substantial and dynamic amplifier, capable of controlling a wide range of speakers in the market. Analogue sources can be connected to one balanced (XLR) stereo input and three single-ended (RCA) stereo inputs. Two preamplifier outputs, one balanced and one single ended, makes the ECI 6 MKII ready for future expansions. The input stage is built from discrete circuits running in class A with zero feedback. The output stage runs with moderate amounts of negative feedback, carefully balanced between good bass extension and control, a detailed open midrange and a warm detailed top. All to ensure that the ECI 6 MKII will reproduce your favorite music the way it was recorded. The ECI 6 MKII is upgradable to ECI 6 DX MKII. You don ́t need choose between high-end and multi-room, or flexibility and audio quality. It is all there. It wouldn’t be Electrocompaniet if it wasn’t.

The Electrocompaniet ECI 6 DX MKII Integrated Amplifier is the latest product release from Electrocompaniet, continuing the upgrade of all our Classic Line products. It incorporates state-of-the-art electronics and like other Electrocompaniet products, it uses the highest quality discrete components through the whole signal path. The ECI 6 DX MKII combines a best-in-class feature set with cutting edge audio technology and true Electrocompaniet sound. This single unit is able to play whichever, wherever and whatever audio source you may have, and makes it sound like music was meant to be. The ECI 6 DX MKII follows the design upgrade of the MKII products, with a brand new chassis and front plate design in line with all other MKII products. The built-in streamer is extremely powerful, flexible and easy to use. It can play directly from music services such as Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify, can be fed music through AirPlay or DLNA, and it can even index and play from your own music collection stored in your network. The powerful hardware ensures that all popular formats are supported (including DSD) and that continuous software upgrades can support the latest and greatest stream-ing services. The ECI 6 DX MKII can be operated by the intuitive iOS & Android application, the universal web inter-face, or with the straightforward IR remote control.

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