Wireless? Yes, Sennheiser Momentum TWS4

Hear more than music.

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 4 is the latest addition to the brand’s lineup of True Wireless earbuds. It comes packed with advanced features like Auracast, LE Audio, adaptive ANC (Audio Noise Cancelling), and up to 30 hours of playtime. These earbuds are now the flagship wireless product of the Sennheiser brand.

But before we dive in, let’s remember for a second who Sennheiser is — one of the eldest and most respected audio brands on the planet. Going into the stratosphere with products like Orpheus, the German brand will remain a reference for audiophiles and professionals even after 75 years of existence. So, the stakes are quite high.

Being a family business, in 2021, the Sennheiser owners decided to let go of the consumer division to Sonova – a Swiss brand specializing in aid-hearing devices. It sounded like the end of an era for many of us, as it usually happens in this kind of acquisition. Meanwhile, the brand focused on a whole new line of products: cinema soundbars and the highly acclaimed Ambeo line were born. As for the audiophile landmarks like HD800, HD820, and HD660, all are still there or evolving from HD660 into HD660S II. And that is an excellent news.

After so many years of domination, Sennheiser faces a challenge from the outside rather than from the inside, like almost every manufacturer out there. And that challenge is called Apple, which took the stage by storm with a single product, the AirPods. It was a shockwave that forced almost every brand to adapt, and some did it better than others…

It would be unfair for me to describe the history of Momentum True Wireless iterations. Being an early adopter of the AirPods, I have not been part of that history. That means now, as the 4th generation, I finally meet and greet the Sennheiser True Wireless.

Design and Build Quality.

This year, I am moving away from the iPhone. Yes, I know, it seems incredible. People who know me are in awe. But I do that from time to time, being a tech junkie. Those new Android phones are delicious this year, and let’s be honest: the iPhone has become boring. I decided to skip the latest offering from Cupertino and wait for a fundamental change in the design, if any, to come. And their AirPods need to integrate better with their rivals. The time of change also went for a wireless pair to handle daily calls, travel, and on-the-go listening. That is why I was pretty excited when good friends from the AV Store shop (the most extensive audio online and brick-and-mortar shop from Easter Europe – www.avstore.ro) asked me if I was interested in testing the new highly anticipated iteration of Sennheiser, the Momentum True Wireless 4. Thank you!

Looking at the predecessors, the 3rd series, I see thriving life outside of the Apple ecosystem. I was surprised to see how good-looking, small, and polished the Sennheiser TWS are. Nothing huge and overly convolutes shape like the Sony WF-1000 MX5. The simplicity of the design and the minimalism that Apple thrives in is also present in Sennheiser’s little jewelry, the charging box, and the whole package itself.

When I got the new iteration of the German brand, I was really impressed by the quality, the materials, the sturdy design, and the overall construction. I appreciated the clamshell case, which feels better to the touch than Apple’s plain white, scratchy plastic. The three-color palette is quite interesting. I got the bronze plate version not just to go further from the dull white but mostly because I like the metallic reflection of the copper/bronze version.

What you get in the package:

  • the Sennheiser Momentul True Wireless 4 brothers
  • one short USB cable
  • three sets of silicone ear fins (S/M/L)
  • for sets of silicone ear tips (XS/S/M/L)
  • something that you will never read

Although I was initially a little confused about the role of the ear fins, I immediately understood the purpose and, later, the impact of the IP54 specification. A perfect seal is required, so a three-layer shell is put together to ensure no liquids will reach inside, perfectly adequate for workouts or the rain.

I also liked the LEDs on each earbud, which communicate the connection status and activity when they are out of the box. As with Apple, proximity sensors monitor the earbud’s position. I learned that the Momentum 4 boasts some upgraded tech, but its 7mm TrueResponse dynamic driver is unchanged. This has been a reliable part of Sennheiser’s earbuds, so it’s no surprise it returns here. What has changed is its array of microphones that help enhance call clarity and noise-canceling.  Built on the Qualcomm S5 Sound Gen 2 platform with Snapdragon Sound, the Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 4 connects to the source devices using Bluetooth 5.4 with either SBC, AAC, aptX Adaptive, aptX Lossless, or LC3 and LE Audio.

The Momentum True Wireless 4 earbuds have slightly more battery life than their predecessors. They are rated at 7.5 hours; users will get 30 hours from the charging case with ANC off. A quick charge provides up to 1 hour of additional listening from just 8 minutes of charging. The USB-C charging case has Qi wireless support.

First Setup.

The first launch was quite simple, and you will either be able to connect the ears directly to your smartphone via the usual Bluetooth set-up or download Sennheiser’s Smart control app, which unlocks various options like:

  • connection management to see which devices you connected to your TWS,
  • equalizer to adjust the sound to your liking,
  • transparent hearing, if you want to hear your surroundings while wearing your TWS,
  • noise-cancellation, to set the level of noise attenuation you wish to use,
  • monitor the battery life of your TWS/charging box.

The Fit Test was also very interesting and on par with the competition, if not slightly better. Sound Personalization, even if it takes some time to go through all the steps, definitely pays off in the end. The sound becomes more engaging and less flat right where it matters to you.

Bluetooth pairing is blazing fast. Once you’ve paired your headset, it’ll automatically connect to your phone. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Momentum systematically pair with my Samsung every time I turned on the headset. Touch Controls offers a complete personalization of gestures and taps: one tap, two or three taps, or hold for each earbud, during or outside the phone calls.

The firmware upgrade was completed flawlessly, and the app is very responsive overall. Battery Protection mode is also a nice feature that will ensure a much longer life for your headphones if you spend a little more time charging. Of course, any section can be set on/off: Connection Management, My Sound, Adaptive Noise Cancellation, Transparency level, Touch controls, Fit Test and Sound Zones.

Before going deep into the sound quality, please bear with me to check two of the most essential features of modern wireless earbuds: Transparency Mode and Noise Cancellation.

Transparency & Noise Cancellation.

Again, Apple was the declared king of those two features, and I never bothered to check with my ears. I was completely surprised by how good the Transparency Mode on TWS4 is. It’s so much better, so natural, without any exaggeration. It is definitely better than Apple’s. The feeling is that your earbuds are out now, and you can hear the exterior world perfectly. The sensation is so well-created and so surprising. Well done, Sennheiser, you showed us that it can be done so much better!

Noise cancellation was never something that I had enjoyed on my AirPods. It was ok in the airplane, but it dramatically hampers the music, tonality, and sound overall. I do not know if Sennheiser’s noise canceling is better or worse than others, but I greatly appreciate that no tonal balance is overthrown with the function on. It does not affect the tonality and the overall sound quality. And that is something because Apple failed here. Whether TWS4 can filter the outside noise better than others needs further testing, but at least now, I can use it when I want to listen to music.

TrueResponse driver + DSP

Sennheiser has always been against multi-driver IEMs, claiming that such systems introduce phase incoherence and unwanted distortion. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 4 is centered around a dynamic driver. The brand embedded the same transducer in the IE500 Pro and IE600: a 7mm wide TrueResponse dynamic driver. A driver advertised as “one of the world’s smallest high-performance dynamic drivers, with a diaphragm of only 7 mm in diameter to cover the entire frequency spectrum. A custom-made magnet system with triple-channel ventilation significantly reduces the distortion factor. The sound remains clean and distortion-free even at high sound pressure levels”.

Lastly, I’d like to mention the microphone array on the Sennheiser earbuds. Each earbud has three microphones with beamforming technology to accurately capture your voice. After using them for a few phone calls, I found they were better than AirPods Pro in this aspect. My conversation partner could always hear me clearly and loudly.

Sound performance

Overall Signature

So much better! UAU, it is so much better!

It is well above Apple headphones; choose any model you wish. I had AirPods earbuds and the AirPods Pro closed-backs. But you can hear from a mile away that Sennheiser is a totally different bread, a true audiophile one! TWS4 offers a much more natural experience and coherence of sound. It has flush mids, exquisite voices, powerful bass, and excellent clarity. It also has fantastic textures, good transients, and a wider soundstage. Sennheiser’s philosophy is focused on sound quality, making little to no compromise here.

Bass feels amazing, never exaggerated, tight, and rewarding. It is deep clean without overpowering the mids. It is not artificially created like in the AirPods and is there only when the recording demands it. There is no false sense of dynamic like in Apple’s earbuds. Momentum sounds more open and clean with a nice layering that keeps the voice in front. Everything is so much better delineated and clearer.

The resolution is excellent, even with lossy content like Spotify. You clearly hear the brand’s touch and expertise in true sound quality. There is no distortion even at the maximum volume level, with deep bass, punchy, never bloated, full mids, and perfect highs. Accuracy is the goal here. Transparency mode doesn’t seem to alter the sound either, but the additional noise does impede the render, and I’d not consider it a viable option with music on.

Momentum TWS4 is the best-sounding True Wireless IEM that I have heard. The sound quality is outstanding when it comes from a good source like Tidal or Qobuz with lossless aptX!


Transparency is the defining word here. It has a natural and lifelike tonality with excellent transparency. The music flows; nothing is done overboard, nothing is itching or harsh, and there is no bloat, just a clean and transparent sound.

Highs are clean and refined. The Momentum hits well but on the right tone. The guitars are guitars, not some exaggerated harps. No harshness is present, and all the detail is present. It’s impressive for such small drivers; again, Sennheiser proves they know how to build good ones.

The mids are clean, spacious, and upfront with voices. The singer’s voices are lush and beautiful; the more you listen, the more you will appreciate them. With the right source, the scene is large, and the 3D rendering is right there.

The bass is deep, hits hard, controlled, and tight. The DSP is doing a terrific job of keeping the distortion at bay. And the most important thing is never bleeding into mids, never overdone, always controlled, and sound like a cherry on top of a pie (excuse my comparison; I am on a diet right now, and, damn, I miss so much a piece of unhealthy sugary stuff).

Let’s hear some music.

The Ghost of Johnny Cash / Lost Archive side B
When listening to “Forgotten Old Man,” the piano and electric guitars grab you immediately. Seconds later, the deep, calm bass-baritone voice is so good and enveloping that you have no escape. Minutes pass, and you end up at the end of the album. The clarity and detail of the guitars blend with Johnny Cash’s low, guttural voice in such a beautiful way that Momentum TWS4 shows right there that audiophile sound quality was no afterthought. Beautiful.

Ellen Benediktson / Songbird
The single of just two pieces (versions) of the same song, “Songbird,” by Ellen Benediktson, is so addictive that you will search for more. TWS4 renders her voice heavenly, lush, and beautiful with all the textures and details. The accompanying guitars are perfectly separated, and the reverb and spaciousness of the surroundings are very well-defined. Digging deep into Tidal will get you to “Insomnia,” a more dynamic piece, and at least to “Tack, Jag Mar Bra,” a veritable rock track.

Hidden Citizens / Reawakenings Vol. 2 (Epic Trailer Version)
“Don’t Speak” will show you a reinterpretation with a full-force deep rumbling bass. Tim Halperin’s voice is always present and clear, no matter how glorious and rumbling the context becomes. And it will hit you hard, fearlessly. The whole album is addictive and sounds terrific and epic with the Momentum.

 Friend’n Fellow / Silver Live
“Crazy,” the last piece from the album, is just another piece that will grab you into listening to the complete live representation. The voice is again so good, so detailed and textured, honey-sweet, and full-body. The percussion is rendered perfectly, and the kicks of the guitar bodies show a deep, clean bass. And funny because the singer knows how to joke with the voice and interpretation like a “queen of craziness.” Quite a discovery.

Allan Taylor / Down the Years I Travelled…
“Golden Islands” should be the first piece of music I play for you if I try to demonstrate how good the Sennheiser Momentum TWS4 is. The clarity is impressive, the tonality perfect, and the layering is on par with an audiophile headphone. This is a piece of music that will separate the poor contenders from a true audiophile soul. The soundstage is spacious, the voices authentic, and the separation perfect.

Mark Gillespie / Real to Reel
With Tom Drost, Gillespie’s voice and guitar are addictive. It’s a tremendously good piece of music. “Don’t Mess Around,” the first track from the album, opens the stage for what is to come. Sweet, detailed guitars, two great voices, and an addictive rhythm. The next track, “Tonight,” has a tremendous deep bass and voice. This album is a keeper and has gone straight into my shortlist selection.

A few more words

I must confess—I gave up on enjoying music with wireless earbuds. It was okay drifting asleep on an airplane, but that was all. After you listen to some state-of-the-art equipment, it is hard to enjoy music in any circumstances anymore. I may feel pretentious to you, but so be it. Whenever I tried my favorite songs on wireless IEMs, I felt how much was missing. Until now.

Now, I am hopeful again. I really, really enjoyed the Sennheiser sound signature and qualities. It has a natural sound, is clear, enjoyable, detailed, spacious, and has good tonality. There is still hope for me. I can not travel anymore with huge DAPs or wired dongles and headphones. It is a pain. And I need the wireless for meetings and phone calls. Good wireless earbuds that can do all with graciousness are a significant achievement, a natural solution, and a joy that I can feel the music again while traveling.

Good job, Sennheiser. You did not give up on the sound quality and a genuine audiophile signature. And making all that portable and wireless is just perfect!


As I finish writing this, I am listening to the last album mentioned here, the fantastic “The Friends You Have Gained” track. Can you taste the irony? Oh, yeah! I have some new friends here, the Momentum True Wireless 4. They are such lovely companions.

So, indeed, I will keep the Momentum, not just because I need a replacement for Apple’s AirPods but because it sounds great. The asking price of €299,90 is really decent for the performance. The Sennheiser will now give you all of the spectacular sound quality blended with the latest features of wireless IEMs. It is a complete package, comparable to other options, but above all, focused on the music itself.

That is why, here at SoundNews, I will award Momentum True Wireless 4 with the Gold Award. It is a well-deserved one!

Pro & Cons

  • Sennheiser Signature Sound
  • Exceptional sound quality with outstanding clarity, musicality and free of artifacts
  • Adaptive noise cancellation
  • Best Transparency mode
  • Future-proof technologies
  • All-day comfort
  • Sound personalization
  • Up to 30 hours of playtime with the new battery system

There is nothing not to like at the price point.

You can get the new, shiny, spectacular-sounding Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 4 from the best distributor in the region, AV Storehere. For the rest of the world, try the Shop section on the company website.

Thank you all, and let’s hear only for the better.

Catalin Cristescu

I’m a Graphic/UI designer, user experience specialist, a tech addict, an enthusiastic entrepreneur and last but not least – a passionate music lover. I love art in any shape or form, transforming my music collection into an essential part of my entire life. I’m not your typical hardcode audiophile, but it’s still the dominant hobby that drives me forward.

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