Warsaw 2023

Playlist – music from Warsaw Audio Video Show 2023

You have probably already seen the new music category for some time now…
It is time to start with the first entry – Warsaw 2023 Playlist. As we walked from room to room at the show this year, we had the idea to “Shazam” the music, especially the pieces that sounded really good and touched us. It is like we captured the best-sounding moments in a bottle. And now we are ready to share it. You can find the playlist from Tidal / Qobuz and Spotify below.

That is just the beginning. Expect more surprises under the “music” category 🙂

Catalin Cristescu

I’m a Graphic/UI designer, user experience specialist, a tech addict, an enthusiastic entrepreneur and last but not least – a passionate music lover. I love art in any shape or form, transforming my music collection into an essential part of my entire life. I’m not your typical hardcode audiophile, but it’s still the dominant hobby that drives me forward.
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