Buchard Audio goes BIG with their A700 active standfloor speakers

Taking the award winning performance of the Buchardt S400 as a starting point for further improvement, the next step in performance evolution is to take control of the rest of the reproduction stages. This leads to the development of the Buchardt A500 and A700 digital wireless DSP controlled active speakers.

For the A700, they used the foundation and award-winning acoustic configuration known from the Buchardt S400 and looked at it with fresh eyes. What can be improved even further? S400 works so well already, it is because of proper engineering and scientific approaches to perfect it. Its waveguide design carries a lot of the answer to that with the directivity matched perfectly with the woofer to make the transition from woofer band to tweeter band practically inaudible at any angle in front of the speaker.

The A500 and A700 speakers features the best wireless audio technology available. They can support wireless transfer from any WiSA transmitter with a lossless resolution of 24bits/96kHz and with a synchronization error between the speakers of less than 1 sample with the shortest available latency.

This active system features two DAC chipsets to control the output channels. It uses the well renowned CS4398 chipset which, when configured properly, performs up to the best chipsets available. The DAC runs on its own regulated power supply to ensure the best possible performance and is linked directly with an amplifier chipset from Texas Instruments for optimum performance, clean reproduction and minimized distortion. The amplifier features a high-speed analog feedback loop, that ensures a bandwidth up to 100kHz and super-low distortion.

The amplifiers have a specially designed output stage, to perfectly match the driver load with the amplifiers. All of this has been taken into consideration during the acoustic tuning of the speakers – and the outcome is a perfectly matched combination between amplifier and drivers. The power output of each amplifier is 150W per channel, which should be more than enough to exploit the full potential of the system. Given the active nature of the speaker, the total power of the speakers will in real-world compare to much more powerful traditional systems due to no loss in cross-over networks.

A700 are offered in 3 finishes: White, Black and Wallnut

You can pre-order them at a discounted price right-now, The black and white variant will set you €5500 and Wallnut finish goes for €5700

More about them, right here

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