Burson Audio just announced affordable Conductors! (DAC/Headphone amp/Pre-amp/Bluetooth Receiver)

We always felt the gap between Burson Playmate/Fun and Conductor 3 Reference (C3R) or C3X was way too big, but not anymore.

By Announcing the newest Conductor 3 Performance that looks like a smaller brother to the C3R, and the newest 3X Performance that is a smaller brother to C3X, it is easier than ever having a high-performance sound, the same advanced features at an affordable price point.

To achieve that affordable price point, small compromises needed to be made, so instead of two ES9038 DAC chips, newest devices are using just one and instead of 5 self-developed Max Current Power Supplies, newest devices are having 3 of them. Power went down too, but at 6 Watts on 3XP and 4 Watts on 3P you can be sure that both are more than capable of driving all headphones you could possible want with just 2 or 3 exceptions.

The best news is that price went down drastically as shown in this photo and if you act really fast you can even get them at a Limited Time Pre-Order price of $1119 (inc. shipping) for 3XP and $899 (inc. shipping) for the C3P! Nice move Burson Audio!

You can reserve one at the lowest price by following this link

![](/uploads/Burson Conductor models.png)

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