Topping E30 DAC can be ordered today!

Are you new into this wonderful hobby, are you searching for a nice starting point? Topping E30 DAC might be the best entry-level DAC and your ticket to the joyride.

E30 is the first product in the newest E series to which new products will added later on, we suspect a headphone amplifier, an external power supply and maybe even a simple Bluetooth sender or receiver at a latter date.

Topping proved to be more than capable of making great digital-to-analog-converters and E30 seems to follow the same winning formula.

As usual, they went with the newest XMOS XU208 USB decoding chip, with custom Thesycon drivers, with the newest AK4493 DAC chip part of the Verita Velvet Sound architecture of Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM).

It can work as a pure DAC, as a DAC + Pre-amp and it can be connected to a plethora of devices via USB, Coaxial or Optical, it even can be connected to a TV set for a clearer sound.

It also features a big and easy to read OLED screen, E30 is really compact and has a remote control too.

The best part? It costs only $129.99 and you can order it right now. Get it from here or from here for the best price guarantee and 30 days returns.

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