Headphones Of The Year 2019 title awarted to OLLO Audio’s S4 headphones by Lyd & Billede magazine


The headphones model S4 excel by extremely balanced frequency response within ISO 226 standard, boutique handcraftsmanship, and premium materials are making waves in the audio i ndustry by redefining the workflow of many A level engineers when they are mixing on headpho nes. It’s a trusted choice of many professionals working with artists like Lady Gaga, Adele, Beyoncé, Usher, U2, Madonna, Radiohead and many more.

Lyd & Billede is the Nordic region’s most significant media player in consumer electronics testing and publicity. Their mission is to help consumers make qualified choices so they can get a product that will best meet their needs and fit the budget. To achieve that, Lyd & Billede experts select and conduct thorough independent tests of approx. 475-500 products each year. The test products are a mixture of large, well-known brands and more unknown gems. The title of the best usually goes to the biggest names in the industry, but it looks like the OLLO just got what it takes to become headphones of the year in the premium category.

OLLO Audio is a Slovenian headphone manufacturer. Their specialty is their open back mixing headphones, the HPS S4 model. They were made by audio engineers for audio engineers in a quest to develop a perfect pro audio headphones – a reliable tool for mixing and mastering. The choice of materials and the acoustics were all pointed to crafting the neutral frequency response that would simulate the perfect mixing environment. The HPS S4 is just a start as the company already has an upgrade available with a tactile subwoofer technology that pushes the sound directly into the listener’s body. A complete audio experience at the highest possible levels.

The company’s CEO Rok Gulič says that the essential part of their journey to landing such an impressive title for a newcomer was their community: “Our community is at heart of everything we do and is the most important part of our journey. We were lucky to have some great engineers working with us on our prototypes. That way, we were able to join the power of engineering with the power of the experience and best ears.”

Even more, OLLO Audio is joining Sound Hub Denmark through the SoundTech Accelerator Program (facilitated in partnership with Accelerace.) Sound Hub Denmark is the world’s first international sound technology innovation environment and a world-class sound and acoustics growth hub and lab with access to key global players (e.g. Harman, Bang & Olufsen and Jabra.) Our combined efforts are promising for a disruptive new way of mixing audio in the future.

Traditional music studios were always considered a standard – the best way to get the best results possible. But as audio engineering landscape is moving into freelancing and working from home (or anywhere for that matter), the traditional monitoring has nothing to offer. This is how OLLO Audio is making waves by offering an alternative for a reasonable price.

Or as their mission goes: “We believe there is always another way of doing things. Challenging what is considered standard, exploring what is considered explored while maintaining integrity, responsibility, and quality. This is what makes us tick.”

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