Luxman released the entry-level PD-151 turntable

Luxman just released their entry-level PD-151 turntable at $5500 or £4500.

More info as follows:

Proprietary high-torque brushless DC motor

The purity of musical pitch depends entirely on the stability of platter rotation. That’s why LUXMAN engineers went to extraordinary lengths. We start with our unique sine wave/Pulse Width Modulation power supply, which provides ultra-stable direct current to our proprietary DC brushless motor. The result of years of development, this high-torque motor incorporates low-noise acoustic bearings and an optimized number of coil turns. The drive system monitors and maintains speed with our Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) feedback control loop. Proportional means quick achievement of target speed. Integral means fast correction of minor errors. And differential means control over rapid fluctuations. For added precision, the motor drives the outside flange of the platter through an uncommonly wide belt.

Single point cross tonearm

The tonearm incorporates the classic single point cross suspension bearing for ultra-smooth motion. Static balance accommodates different cartridge-headshell combinations. Note : the cartridge is not included.

Underslung chassis fights vibration

LUXMAN engineered an underslung, suspended structure with components mounted under the 10 mm thick aluminum upper chassis. This achieves high rigidity while suppressing vibration.

Transformer and motorisolation damping

LUXMAN understands that even the player’s internal components can cause distortion-inducing vibration. That’s why the PD-151 isolates the chassis from the motor and power transformer with advanced rubber damping mounts. Sight unseen, these mounts help enable music reproduction of the highest order.

Separate 33-1/3, 45 and 78 rpm pitch adjustments

You can fine-tune the musical pitch of play-back with separate front panel adjustments for 33-1/3, 45 and 78 rpm. An LED indicator flashes green when the pitch is flat, flashes blue when it’s sharp, and lights solid green when the PD-151 is precisely on-pitch.

4.0 kg machined aluminum platter and stainless steel spindle

After going to extremes on the power supply, drive motor and belt, LUXMAN engineers were determined to optimize the last guarantor of stable speed: the platter itself. The 4.0 kg platter acts as a flywheel with extremely high moment of inertia, 21.9N-cm2, to suppress even minuscule speed variations. A platter this heavy requires bearings capable of sustaining extremely high pressure. LUXMAN engineers specified polyether ether ketone (PEEK) thrust bearings and a brass radial bearing filled with organic molybdenum oil for effortlessly smooth rotation and long life. These exhaustive measures require time, attention and cost. But they pay off in exceptionally stable platter rotation. Conservatively rated, wow & flutter is less than 0.04%, weighted RMS. In this way, the PD-151 delivers music with uncommon clarity, faithfully reproducing the original.

10mm thick aluminum top plate

Our latest design, mounting the three major elements of a turntable – tone arm, motor and platter, onto a hair-line finished 10mm thick top panel, aims to achieve beauty, simplicity and functionality. The matt black lower chassis creates a bold, yet sensitive contrast.]

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