Stax Earspeakers, Meze Audio, Audeze and Quad headphones are now available on Apos Audio

The only worldwide store that will provide an extra 2-years of warranty, worldwide free shipping, free returns and lowest price guarantee, just announced that they will be carrying new headphone brands as Meze Audio, Quad Electroacoustics, Audeze and…drum roll…Stax Earspeakers and Energizers (electrostatic amplifiers). Of course, I’m about Apos Audio that are sometimes sending goodies for us to test, passionately write and film about.

Why this could be important to you, the reader and why we are so happy about that too? We love their free worldwide shipping and 30-days free returns – just in case it didn’t resonate with you or maybe you made up your mind. Plus, if you find a cheaper price elsewhere, Apos will price match that one and will add an extra 2-year of warranty! Could you mention other stores that will do the same for you? We don’t know any.

When it comes to Stax, it’s not that easy becoming an authorized dealer in the US, but it is even harder providing an extended 2-year warranty on the Stax line. Still, Apos being Apos, are the only ones to do it!

Who knows, maybe we’ll start testing and measuring Stax headphones someday.

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