Sonus Faber – celebrating 40th anniversary in Suprema style

Sonus Faber Suprema Loudspeaker System celebrates the Italian HiFi brand’s 40th anniversary.

We are very excited here at whenever the technology is pushed forward and when the boundaries of excellence are expanded. Something extraordinary is created for no other reason than to show talent, innovation, and experience based on magnificent heritage in a statement product designed to excel and enhance the audio and visual experience to the extreme. This is beyond a product of desire simply because the “cost no object” approach will make something unapproachable for mortals. Still, extreme innovation and technology can be trickled down, sometimes, into a product that can be dreamed of and even enjoyed in our systems. So hope is there, bounded with admiration: we hope to see and listen to this Sonus Faber statement at the next Hi-Fi show and maybe, in the future, enjoy some of this statement tech in our homes.

Marking the brand’s 40th anniversary, the Suprema system features two primary columns, two subwoofers, and one electronic crossover. The Suprema loudspeaker system is undoubtedly the most ambitious project ever crafted by Sonus Faber.

The two primary speaker columns have a unique lute shape, while the system’s two subwoofers have an elliptical profile. The Suprema’s materials were selected for their characteristics and ability to complement one another. Carbon fiber is used for its durability, while wood was chosen for its harmonic qualities. The construction also uses solid aluminum with multilayer wood for the side panels of the primary columns.

The Suprema columns have a leather front panel. Sonus Faber has worked with luxury furniture brand Poltrona Frau. Each Suprema speaker system features Poltrona Frau’s Pelle Frau Impactless leather, made with a chromium-free tanning process launched in 2022. In addition to Suprema’s four-column system, which comprises two primary speaker columns and two subwoofer cabinets, the system also has an external electronic crossover unit.


The design of Suprema’s configuration system aims to extend beyond the conventional limits of the frequency band coverage and enhance acoustic performance to new levels of excellence.

Each main column of Suprema is a 4/5-way system with eight front-firing speakers and two back-firing drivers. The voice of Sonus Faber, the configuration of tweeters, and a midrange boast three new, innovative elements – one brand new Camila midrange with cellulose pulp diaphragm, one new mid-tweeter with treated silk dome, and one new super tweeter with treated silk dome. While the materials are in line with Sonus Faber tradition, electroacoustic elements have been completely redesigned as outlined below in extracts from Sonus Faber’s press release:

  • The new Camelia midrange, responsible for the most critical part of the acoustic spectrum, was developed by a team of electroacoustic engineers to ensure maximum resolution while maintaining the legendary natural sound of Sonus Faber. Inspired by nature, the new membrane is neither circular nor masked by the suspensions, offering its entire surface to the listener and avoiding the formation of resonances associated with circular shapes.
  • The new dual-drive magnetic system of the midrange ensures control and even dynamics. The organic basket holds airflow management. Previously implemented on Stradivari woofers, this original design by Sonus Faber will be featured in all next-generation Sonus Faber speakers.
  • A unique combination of the Camila midrange and tweeters is loaded in a unique dedicated internal volume designed to enhance the drivers’ performance. By leveraging simulator technology, the chamber and its inner walls maintain an organic shape made entirely of recycled cork. It makes Sonus Faber the first to use natural and sustainable material to create acoustic volume while enhancing the resolution and naturalness of the midrange performance.
  • For the optimal reproduction of infrasonic frequencies, a separate subwoofer system has been engineered to optimize low-range response regardless of the position of the main columns in the listening environment.
  • The subwoofer uses two powerful 38cm transducers featuring forged carbon fiber membranes and a neodymium magnet motor system to ensure undistorted pressures up to 16hz.
  • Controlling the coupling between the speaker and the ground is crucial to achieving the purest level of silence within the musical texture. A decoupling system, created in collaboration with IsoAcoustics, allows Suprema to reach unparalleled levels of dynamics and power while preserving energy content and avoiding the propagation of unwanted vibrations within the listening environment.


The crossover filters, partially visible on the sides of the main column, use the best mix of electroacoustic configurations experienced by the R&D team in the last decade. The electronic crossover, dual mono and fully balanced, manages the integration between the Suprema primary columns and subwoofers and offers the versatility of use with maximum respect for the electrical signal.

All phase cutting and control circuits are 100% analog and created using selected discrete components. At the same time, the cabinet mirrors of this piece – the power supply is enclosed in a solid aluminum case, and the audio signal is acquired wooden enclosure.


Suprema is available to order worldwide and will be produced upon request.

Suprema 2.2: £695,000 / $750,000 USD / 800,00€ (two main columns, two subwoofers and one electronic crossover)
Suprema 2.1: £625,000 / $680,00 USD / 750,00€ (two main columns, one subwoofer and one electronic crossover)

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