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Matrix Audio X-SPDIF3 Review – Improve Your DAC

The year is 2010 and a small but innovative Italian company by the name of M2Tech unveiled a revolutionary product to the world – the HiFace. This digital-to-digital converter was powered by USB, making it the first of its kind to hit the market. I had the pleasure of reviewing this groundbreaking device in my mother tongue, and it quickly became a sensation, proving that USB inputs on digital-to-analog converters were not the final frontier.

That day marked a turning point in history, paving the way for a new category of audiophile products. It wasn’t long before other companies began developing their own digital-to-digital converters, sparking a wave of innovation in the industry. Even now, many of you may still be using a desktop DAC connected via USB to your computer, but if you’re looking to take your audio experience to the next level without replacing your existing equipment, then this video is definitely for you.

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