Mid-Fi Kings - HiFiMan Edition XS Review & Comparison

Overall Score 86/100
Sandu Vitalie Headphones

A few years ago, Hifiman released the Edition X planar headphones as a more sensitive version of their high-end HE1000, costing a pretty penny back them. However, as time passed, they began releasing more affordable options, such as the Ananda and Sundara. Despite more budget-friendly options, there was still a gap in the market between the $700 and $300 price range and this is where the Edition XS comes in. Although these are much more affordable to their predecessors, plenty of things were improved, retrofitted with thinner NEO SuperNano drivers and stealth magnets for improved waveguide directivity. In this video, we will be looking at the Edition XS against the Moondrop Venus, plenty of sound impressions and measurements are also included, so grab yourself a drink and let’s dive in.

Overall score 86/100

Driveability 85/100
Resolution 87/100
Dynamics 85/100
Frequency Response 90/100
Stage Size 87/100
Comfort 85/100
Build Quality 82/100
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