Audio Physic introduces New Cardeas loudspeakers

Audio Physic just introduced its newest loudspeaker, the mighty Cardeas. Handcrafted in Brilon, Germany, Cardeas is the first loudspeaker part of a new generation housing their newest “PowerTrain” technology.

“The new Cardeas includes multiple breakthroughs that have never yet seen the light of day. This suite of innovative components truly sets the music free, and this is what we call the Audio Physic PowerTrain™.

We are very proud to present the sum of our research with the new Cardeas. It has been redeveloped from scratch to get the most out of the PowerTrainTM and to deliver unparalleled sound performance.

Imagine a landscape so vast you can hardly see the edges – yet the moment you turn your attention to a specific spot, you see every detail.
Welcome to the sound of our new Cardeas speakers – limitless soundstage. Pinpoint accuracy.

To make those details audible, we dived deep into the smallest details of our technologies. Years of development went into all components of the Cardeas until the result has finally satisfied us. As has always been true in Audio Physic’s history, we were not looking to add features for the sake of making a high-tech product: it’s the sound that matters. And if the sound is not good enough, we believe there must be a better solution – and we set out on a quest to find it.

Multi-layer sandwich honeycomb enclosure
The Cardeas is a four-way speaker with our new multi-layer sandwich enclosure. Inside, the asymmetrical enclosure consists of a high-tech honeycomb / multiplex sandwich. The outside is clad with a compound construction of glass and elastomer layers. This makes the chamber incredibly rigid with high internal damping. The internal bracing is fabricated from the same honeycomb panels.

HHCT III+ Tweeter
The Cardeas has a separate tweeter sub-enclosure for decoupling the new HHCT III+ tweeter and crossover from the cabinet.

Midrange HHCM SL and Double Surround bass / mid-bass driver
The new Audio Physic HHCM SL midrange and the new Double Surround woofers and mid-bass drivers are all designed to work without a centering spider, avoiding the non-linearity inherent in conventional driver designs.

We have further revised the contacts for the tweeter and midrange driver and equipped them with WBT Plasma Protect connectors. Even our VCT technology has been given a makeover: it now includes improved WBT pole terminals as well as newly developed capacitors that feature an improved foamed copper lattice for a low-impedance connection.

With the spiderless drivers at its heart, the new Audio Physic PowerTrain™ efficiently transfers the kinetic energy in ways never before imagined, creating outstanding music quality that must be heard to be believed.”

They’ll have a MSRP price of $39,990 / £35,990 per pair.

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