Gold Note is already updating its freshly released DS-10 to DS-10 Plus

Italian manufacturer Gold Note is updating its wildly popular DS-10 DAC/Streamer/Headphone amplifier to the DS-10 PLUS by adding a more powerful power supply, that is also quieter for a blacker background.

The biggest improvement in our opinion was adding an analogue input so you can use it as a pure headphone amplifier with mobile sources.

Instead of RCA, they went with a 3.5 mm input, suggesting great compatibility with mobile devices and with portable digital music players.

Everything else remains intact, too bad price moved the ladder as well.

From £2499 of DS-10, newest improved DS-10 Plus will be sold for £2999 (or $3699, AU$5690)

![](/uploads/GS10Plus back.png)

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