KECES Audio reveals their high-end line of power conditioners

KECES Audio fights audio gremlins lurking in your power lines since 2002. Their philosophy is to strive for excellent acoustics, but also elegant design, making their gear accessible to every audio enthusiast.

They just revealed a new generation of passive power conditioners and they called it ULTIMATE Series. If you’re asking yourselves what exactly was improved to their popular BP series, here is a small breakdown:

  1. They re-designed the Isolated Power Transformer to separate each output channel
  2. They added Quantum Resonance Technology that lets all electromechanical components resonate in unison with each other to greatly enhance timing and coherency
  3. They added their own branded Audio-grade sockets.

Two models are being revealed: IQRP-1500 and IQRP-3600

IQRP-1500 is equipped with:

  • 300VA+1200VA
  • 6 output sockets

IQRP-3600 is equipped with:

  • 300VA+300VA+3000VA
  • 8 output sockets

They will start shipping the middle of July with a MSRP of $1,999 and $3,099 respectively

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