Looking for a high value headphone amp and preamp? Magnius looks to be The Schiit!

Schiit Audio today introduced an all-new, super-high-value balanced headphone amplifier and preamplifier, Magnius. Featuring high power, state-of-the-art measurements, the best volume control of any amplifier at its price, super-high-quality parts, and design and production in California, Magnius completely blows up the value equation for balanced headphone amps and preamps at it’s $199 price.

“To put it simply, this performs better than any affordable balanced headphone amp out there,” said Jason Stoddard. “It measures fantastically, even when compared to acronym amps, it has a much, much better volume pot, it uses real Alps and Neutrik parts, it has a linear power supply, and it’s half the cost of competition made in China, while being designed and built in California.”

Delivering 5000mW into 32 ohms, with THD+N at -120dB referenced to 4V RMS output, Magnius delivers plenty of power for the toughest headphone loads, as well as whisper-quiet background for the most sensitive in-ear monitors.

Unlike many of its competitors, Magnius also offers full balanced and single-ended preamp outputs, so it can be a complete desktop solution for headphones and powered monitors.

Magnius debuts a composite amplifier topology using high-quality parts from TI, including feedforward buffers (OPA1688), differential voltage gain (LME47924) and current-feedback output stages (TPS6120A2). Coupled with a custom 27mm Alps RK27114 volume potentiometer for superb channel matching and precision control, Alps signal switches, and Neutrik connectors, Magnius offers the most compelling value proposition of any affordable balanced headphone amp and preamp.

“The Alps RK27114 is a real standout,” said Jason. “It’s much larger than the 9mm potentiometers seen on all other products at up to 2.5x this price point, and it offers much higher performance, as well as tactile feel. It’s the part you interact with the most on the amp, so we wanted it to be the best it could be.”

Magnius is an excellent complement to Modius, Schiit’s recently-introduced, $199 high-value balanced DAC. As a $398 combo, Modius and Magnius offer complete DAC, amp, and preamp functionality—at a price less than some amplifier-only solutions.

Magnius is available now at Schiit.com in both black finish only for $199.

(Image credit: www.schiit.com)

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