Munich High-End Show 2019 in pictures

Our trip to Munich High-End Show 2019 was unforgettable. We tested and admired ones of the best stereo and desktop audiophile systems of the world. From heavy influencers of the industry such as MBL, Nagra, MSB, Chord Electronics, KEF, Esoteric, Bowers&Wilkins, D’Agostini, Dynaudio, Naim, JBL and McIntosh to smaller but interesting companies as Q Acoustics, Monitor Audio, FiiO, Headamp Electronics, Rockna Audio, HiFiman, Pro-Ject, Paradigm, Magico, NAD, Martin Logan and many, many others.

This is worlds best audio show and should not be missed, it is among the only place on earth where what you dream of can be touched and listened to…

Enjoy 😊

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