Topping D30 Pro and A30 Pro now available on Apos Audio

Four years have passed since the release of the Topping A30/D30 and in that time the company has produced a slew of products that blend minimal aesthetics with maximal performance. Headphone amps and DACs have evolved leaps and bounds over the past years. With the brand new Topping D30 Pro DAC and A30 Pro headphone amp the company quadrupled the number of DAC chips and sextupled the output power of this upgraded duo, sending a cascade of improved measurements down their spec sheets.

We’re excited to tell you that TOPPING D30 Pro Desktop DAC, TOPPING A30 Pro Desktop Headphone Amp, and TOPPING 30-Pro Ensemble Stack just launched on Apos Audio. The D30 Pro goes for $399.99, the A30 Pro for $349.99 and the Topping 30-Pro Stack with a balanced XLR cable is selling for a special price of $759.99 on instead of the usual $819.97.

Check them out!

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