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SONCOZ SGP1 Review – A Giant Killer Power Amplifier?

Audiophiles, assemble! Today, we’re about to put the Soncoz SGP1 through its paces – a highly requested power amplifier to be featured on our YouTube channel. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Its specs are too good to be true, but could it dethrone the mighty Benchmark AHB2 at almost a third of its price?

For two glorious years, I’ve been playing email ping-pong with their chief engineer, tossing ideas back and forth. “More power!” I’d shout. “Sleeker design!” they’d counter. I tried guiding them on what things should be implemented and what should be avoided, and I’m glad they came up with such a good-looking power amplifier, having tons of power under its hood while costing only $1100. So, is the SGP1 ready to dethrone Benchmark’s AHB2 and Topping’s LA90 respectively? Get ready to hit some eardrums.

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