FiiO FH7S Review - Daily Driver IEMs

Overall Score 88/100
Sandu Vitalie Headphones

About three years ago I posted my FiiO FH7 review, instantly becoming my all-time favorite IEMs, working as daily drivers up until last month when a package arrived at my door. I’ve been talking about them with FiiO for a while now and I even wrote a lengthy email explaining what should be improved with their successor. FH7S are finally here and I’ve been listening to them for over a month now, but did they met or exceed my expectations? Keep watching and you’ll find that out.

Overall score 88/100

Packaging & Accessories 90/100
Driveability 84/100
Resolution 88/100
Dynamics 87/100
Frequency Response 90/100
Stage Size 88/100
Comfort 87/100
Build Quality 88/100
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