Audiovector introduces the newest R6 Series of loudspeakers

On September 1st 2020, Audiovector will be fully unveiling their newest R 6-Series hand-crafted loudspeakers. Since their inception, Audiovector is designing, developing and hand-crafting loudspeakers in their factory in Copenhagen, Denmark. The newest series looks to be a mixture of evolution and brand-new inventions that should be able to deliver – Speed, Dynamics, and Clarity.

The biggest changes can be summarized by the following improvements:

  • The Audiovector Freedom Grounding Concept is an original concept by Audiovector that eliminates distortion and improves overtones, lowers the noise floor, and increases image depth and focus. Yet another step closer to perfection.

  • To further improve realism and 3D performance, the new R 6 Arreté now uses a rear-firing 3” midrange driver with its own dedicated crossover. The technology using a rear-firing driver is inspired by our reference R 11 Arreté and R 8 Arreté. The construction adds a perfectly dosed level of midrange.

  • All R 6 models have been generously upgraded with a new bass system. They now sport an isobaric compound bass system in order to go deeper, play more dynamic, precise, and aperiodic in their response.

    We use a hand-built 6,5” internal woofer and 8” external woofer. The system breathes through a perfectly tuned bass reflex on the front of the speaker.

The R 6-series will be available in the following standard finishes: Italian Walnut Matte, African Rosewood Piano, Black Piano and White Piano.

Their MSRP price is yet to be announced.

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