Aune Audio goes vrum vrum with their newest all-in-one X1s GT

After weeks of teasing and playing mind tricks all over Facebook and Twitter, Aune Audio finally dropped the curtains for their affordable 8th generation X1s DAC, adding a GT suffix at the end that tries to tell us a few things.

Besides using an advanced clocking system based on a self-developed PLL, Aune lets you connect an external 10 Mhz clock to their X1s GT, which makes it quite an exotic proposition. Besides an ordinary 6.35mm headphone jack, a fully balanced 4.4mm jack made its way on its front panel and its headphone amplifier circuit is based on four amplifier modules that are using only discrete components (we’re getting horny already). It gets 3 digital inputs and besides working as a pure DAC, DAC + headphone amplifer combo, it will perform excellent in a loudspeaker setup, since there is a fully-fledged preamplifier output on its back.

With a high-end converter on-board like ES9038 and with 1200 mW of power under its belt, it should power almost anything out there, including heavy-duty planar magnetic headphones.

Its best part yet? It costs only $319 and you can order it right now from here. If you are shopping on HiFiGo, they will be shipping it for free and if you’re from Europe…they’ll take care of taxes and customs duties. How cool is that?

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