CHORD BerTTi desktop power amplifier, now shipping worldwide

Chord Bertti power amplifier

Chord Electronics’ BerTTti, the most affordable Ultima-technology stereo power amplifier to date, is now available to buy internationally via Chord‘s global retailer network. Designed, engineered, and handmade in England, Bertti brings the amplifier specialist’s next-generation Ultima topology to the Table Top (TT) range for the first time.

BerTTi is a fully balanced 75-watt per channel (into 8Ω) compact power amplifier designed with advanced dual-feed-forward error-correction topology. It features our modified dual power supplies for class-leading performance.

An additional auxiliary power rail is derived for the initial input stage of BerTTii, which provides extra voltage to drive the custom-made MOSFET output devices used in all Chord Electronics’ highly acclaimed ULTIMA products.

Performance can be increased further still with the addition of the TT range Hugo M Scaler, which adds the ability to upscale audio to 705.6 kHz — 16x CD’s native resolution. The three-box combination of the Hugo TT 2, BerTTi, and Hugo M Scaler delivers a trio of advanced proprietary Chord Electronics’ technologies: the Ultima amplifier topology, FPGA-based digital upscaling, plus powerful custom-coded D/A conversion.

The result is a fast, dynamic, and powerful amplifier, capable of driving demanding loudspeaker loads whilst retaining the subtlety and poise so important for musical enjoyment.

Available now. Contact your local authorized retailer today to arrange a demonstration.
In Romania, you can fully trust AV Store for support and demos –

You can check the worldwide list of dealers using the Chord locator –

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