Rockna Audio revealed their most affordabe Wavelight DAC/PRE

If you are you drooling over the Rockna Wavedream DAC (Wavedream Edition) or over the high-end Wavedream Signature DAC but don’t have the funds for your (Wave)dreams to come true, Rockna Audio is pleased to announces its affordable Wavelight DAC and PRE using the same FPGA Technology, with a custom high performance R2R processor inside it.

Wavelight DAC employs the latest Xilinx 7-series FPGA which allows us to assemble the functions of a custom high performance R2R processor. The Wavelight’s digital processing capabilities are built with complex VHDL coding and state of the art FPGA hardware. The architecture is described, in fact, by a piece of software.

When upgrading the Wavelight with new firmware, you actually change its hardware. This system allows great flexibility, obsolescence protection and lets us improve the sound of your dac by changing its internal architecture, add new, cool features, or improve the existing ones. Each digital block is custom built under the Rockna Audio high-performance standard.

With 5 digital inputs and one analogue input, the unit is also capable of operating as a pre-amplifier. To avoid data truncation, the volume control inside the Wavelight is fully analogue, even if controlled digitally.

The analog path is fully discrete. Two toroidal power transformers allow the separation between analog and digital circuitry. A massive filtering bank capacity (over 100.000 uF) is conditioning the power supplies.

Each Wavelight is manually assembled in Rockna factory, individually tested and undergoes a strict quality control process.

If you want to learn more about it, head over to its dedicated page.

Wavelight is coming soon and can be pre-ordered shortly from your nearest Rockna distributor

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