Apos Audio adds cool news products to their portfolio

Apos Audio recently announced a brand new SMSL-8s Ensemble featuring the SMSL SU-8S DAC, the SMSL SH-8S headphone amplifier (both will be tested around here very soon) and a Fanmusic C006 RCA interconnect cable. Their feature set are slim and their user interfaces quite simple, but they shine most brightly where the light doesn’t: inside their chassis. If you’re looking for an uncomplicated, pure and powerful DAC/amp duo, then please look no further.

SMSL’s SD-9 Network Music Player also made an appearance in their store. If you’re the kind of listener whose library is spread out across multiple sources as hard disks, streaming services, SD cards and NAS, then listen up. SD-9 helps you funnel your entire storage ecosystem into a single integrated workflow. With the SD-9, you can connect hard disks up to 4TB, SD cards, DLNA, Bluetooth and Apple Airplay devices, NAS, and even more. No more plugging and unplugging external drives. No more wrangling a million sources. Get a simple, intuitive, one-and-done solution.

The Moondrop Variations Tribrid dropped as well, it is an all-new tribrid IEM combining one dynamic driver, two balanced armature drivers and two electrostatic drivers. The combined efforts of these various approaches makes for a unique and unforgettable IEM experience. The dynamic driver provides fast-resolving bass with an ultra-thin 9um diaphragm. Two Softears balanced armatures subdivide the middle range of frequencies for top-notch realism and two Sonion high-efficiency electrostatic tweeters provide sparkly high-end playback.

The best I’ve saved for last as the newest Topping D90SE DAC that got our prestigious Gold Award is now in stock. D90SE opened our eyes and knocked out plenty of DACs, winning a spot in the top-5 best D/A converters we ever heard.

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