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HiFiMan EF500 DAC/AMP Review – Affordable Head-Fi for the Streaming Generation

Hifiman seems to be on a roll these days. Just a few months ago, I reviewed their outstanding EF600 DAC/amp combo, and their Serenade has been making waves at various shows. The EF400 is still going strong, and I know many of you are enjoying it. However, it seems Hifiman is finally recognizing the significance of streaming platforms like Spotify and Tidal, releasing two products tailored for streaming enthusiasts – the EF500 and EF499, which I’ll be reviewing this week. The EF500 is the flagship, costing $459, while the EF499 comes at a more budget-friendly $299. While they share the same features, the EF500 outshines its sibling in two crucial aspects. Let me tell you everything you need to know about it in today’s video!

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