Audio Video Show Warsaw 2023 Full Report

Welcome to Warsaw, where the past and present collide in a delightful symphony of culture and chaos! A city that’s like a magician pulling rabbits out of a historical hat, showcasing its medieval roots with a modern twist. Why visit? Well, apart from the fact that Warsaw boasts stunning architecture and vibrant nightlife, it’s a place where you can munch on a pierogi while trying to pronounce Szczęśliwicka (good luck!).

Now, let’s add a touch of auditory delight. Imagine wandering through the beautiful streets of Warsaw only to be pulled by an invisible force towards a spectacular event – the Audio Video Show 2023. We found ourselves amid this sonic wonderland, not because we can hear colors or taste music, but because it’s the ultimate playground for audio and video enthusiasts. The pull of cutting-edge sound systems and the latest in visual technology was simply irresistible. So here we are, navigating through the labyrinths of sounds and sights, ready to soak up the auditory extravaganza that the Audio Video Show has to offer in this enchanting city.

We are finally back from the second biggest HiFi show on the planet and oh man, what a show it was! I’ve been traveling with my colleague Catalin and since our plane touched down at 2:00 P.M. just a day before the show, we had some free time to hang around the city and later celebrate Ferrum Audio’s third anniversary with some of the biggest audio reviewers around the globe. Marcin Hamerla introduced us to the biggest names in the industry and also helped us score a sponsorship with the organizers of the event, so rest assured, we’ll be there next year and, in the years to follow. Cheers for that!

This is our first time visiting the beautiful Warsaw and the Audio Video Show 2023 and let me tell you, that I have never felt as good at an audio show where except for a few faces, we didn’t know anybody else. To our surprise, Audio Video Show 2023 wasn’t as business-oriented as the Munich High End Show was, I saw entire families coming for a listen and later for a game. The show’s demographic was younger and that revitalized us for three days straight. We were genuinely excited for the next door that would showcase something new, something extraordinary that we never saw or heard about. There were a few rooms that we didn’t want to leave and there was a particular room to which we returned on the second day, as the sound was calling our names, getting an auditory experience that we will never forget. People were genuinely excited to show their stuff and talk about them in a language that we all understand: music. We had plenty of surprises, a few WOW moments, and maybe a disappointment or two. I will be splitting this report in two, covering all your stereo and head-fi needs, and let’s start with the absolute best we heard in three days.

I. Stereo Setups

1. Best Of Show

Sandu Vitalie’s picks:

Audio Group Denmark never fails to impress. It was my third encounter with Michael Borresen, yet the first time we engaged in a lengthy conversation. We found a serene moment at the Sobieski Hotel amidst the introduction of their newest Borresen X2 loudspeakers. The show floor had a tranquil air on the first day, granting us the opportunity to chat with the maestro behind the speakers. The rooms at the Sobieski were more compact, tailored for bookshelves and small-sized floor standers that filled the air with music. Michael is an absolute character, forever striving to demystify how their gear is meticulously crafted and why their speakers resonate with such transparency and pristine sound. My true excitement was reserved for their flagship M6 loudspeakers, which I later encountered the next day at the PGE Narodowy stadium. Our very first stop naturally led us to the Audio Group Denmark room where I had the pleasure of reconnecting with none other than Lars Kristensen. We reminisced for a few moments about digital and analog audio, reflecting on our first encounter in Bucharest around ~13 years ago. Lars, a man who not only comprehends music but is deeply moved by it, embodies a genuine love for music that transcends mere engineering feats. Music moves him, and when it’s playing to his liking, his body moves in tune with the rhythm. He’s not just an exceptional engineer attempting to outwit competitors across the Atlantic; he’s a genuine music aficionado. To him, music is the most significant force that binds us together. As a collector of vinyl and an admirer of both old and new music, I have the utmost confidence that anything from Borresen Acoustics, Aavik, or Axxess will beautifully harmonize with the beats of the past and present. When their top-tier system came to life, only one person was trying to contain his excitement, and that was Lars. Over three days, I didn’t encounter a more transparent, phenomenally clean, and lightning-fast setup. These guys are fanatic about lightning-fast transients, and you can sense that with your whole being. The sound wasn’t embellished, nor was it artificially colored, yet it was undeniably thrilling, vibrant, and incredibly impactful! If you’re in the pursuit of ultimate transparency, detail retrieval, speed, and natural decay of the notes, I genuinely believe that Audio Group Denmark reigns supreme in their game. They claimed my Best of Show Award in Munich 2022 with their M1, and once more, they’ve triumphed with their top-of-the-line M6 speakers. My heartfelt appreciation to Michael and Lars, and I eagerly look forward to our next encounter.

Catalin Cristescu’s picks:

Witajcie drodzy przyjaciele,

After a few days from the Warsaw Audio Video Show 2023, I am still under strong impressions and emotions that overwhelmed us unexpectedly. I will try to be a little briefer than my dear friend Sandu; you know him, he is a perfectionist of a genuine type 😊 so do not expect me to follow; I will try to add some colors to his perfect expose.

Let’s start with a story. Something that I will remember for a long time…

As we entered the packed full room of Audio Group Denmark at the PGE Narodowy stadium, we were awed by the Borresen M6 loudspeakers sitting in front of the room. One can also see in the back of the M1, so the direct comparison in size was striking. As usual, we slowly advanced to the front of the room to take close pictures of the presented system. On our way, we passed near the presenting point where Lars Kristensen prepared for the upcoming presentation. I ended up looking with my mouth open as Sandu exchanged hugs and handshakes with Lars, followed by a juicy conversation for more than 15 minutes. Needless to say, I was intrigued and a little jealous. For God’s sake, Lars Kristensen is like Steve Jobs of the audio industry; I was always mesmerized by his passion, exemplary madness, dedication, and achievements; he is one of my true heroes today.

The presentation started with Lars showing the vinyl remastered version of The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night album. He started playing the beautiful track “And I Love Her” on the new Nagra’s grandiose turntable, sitting with Aavik electronics. And it sounded good, very good. But we had no idea of what we were about to experience. As you know, I hope you have seen it at least once, Lars is a true master of ceremony and always surprises his audience in the most clever and emotional way.

So, he goes to his desk and brings another vinyl, the same album but not in such a pristine shape as before because this one was the first press from 1964 of the same title. Impressive or what? He gracefully took out the precious vinyl and played the same beautiful song. And that was a wow moment for everyone in the room. People’s faces started to show the deep emotion that overwhelmed us all. It was such a huge difference; the song was so much more; the dynamic, the musicality, the weight of the song, everything was from another world. It was a highly emotional moment of such intense joy. Looking around, you could see the fully packed room entranced by the presentation and transfigured faces with pure surprise and emotion. Good job, Lars, you did it again!

The third part of the demonstration was also surprising. After a break of explanations, we needed a break to put ourselves together; Lars started the same song on Aavik’s new streamer/digital source. Of course, it was the remastered version, the same that was played in the first place from vinyl. And yes, it sounded much closer to the original one, even better than on the vinyl. Not entirely as the first press, that was unique, and it should be… It was an excellent analog presentation from a digital source if I am allowed to mix it like that. Smooth, free of digital glare, and dynamic. But still far from the pure emotion of the 1964 vinyl. And this was wild.

We learned a few things that day from Lars. We learned that the mastering of a song counts more than anything. We learned that an excellent digital source can work wonders, sound better than an analog one, and show the good parts of digital and hide the nasty ones. And we learned again the true power of music described by a state-of-the-art system – let’s not forget the Borresen M6 and Aavik high-standard electronics with the new digital source plus the Ansuz cables and connections. Thank you, Lars!

Sandu Vitalie’s picks:

LampizatOr / Sveda Audio / J.Sikora / KBL Sound. Finally, we crossed paths with the one and only Lukasz Fikus from LampizatOr, and boy, did we have a tapestry of tales to swap about the analog and digital realms, vacuum tubes, and so much more. Moreover, it marked our inaugural encounter with Sveda Audio’s NEON active speakers… though their appearance failed to trigger any inspiration. Initially, the J.Sikora Reference turntable set the stage for the music, and within moments, I was whisked away into a state of serene meditation. The only disruption from my reverie was the fellow diligently switching vinyl records. Normally, I hadn’t been a turntable aficionado, staunchly believing in the power of digital and top-notch streaming. But what I experienced via the Reference turntable, LampizatOr Poseidon’s preamp stage, and Sveda’s NEON can only be described as Pure Magic! I traversed through all phases of the Kubler-Ross Change Curve. It began with shock, denial, a touch of frustration, a bit of bargaining, and eventually, an overwhelming acceptance. This was it! The most vivid, life-like-sounding setup I’ve ever encountered at any audio exhibition. Terms like transparency, detail retrieval, or frequency response seemed insignificant as everything simply fell perfectly into place. In just a few minutes, the stars aligned, and I detached myself from the outside world. Suddenly, I comprehended the allure of vinyl and its cult following. The second surprise hit when Lukasz bypassed the turntable, playing the same track through their spanking new LampizatOr Poseidon DAC & Preamp. The surprising part wasn’t the incredible sound but the identical replication of the vinyl’s sound. I thought these guys were pulling off some magic, hiding something behind those unassuming boxes. How could a pair of active speakers with soft dome tweeters deliver such speed and mind-boggling transparency was beyond my grasp. We stood transfixed for a whole hour, unwilling to tear ourselves away. A rollercoaster of emotions coursed through us, and we couldn’t stop discussing that experience for two straight days. Even now, I get the jitters when I recollect that room. Returning on the second day, after a brief chat with Arek Szweda, we lauded him for the pure analog charm emanating from the NEONs. I’m thrilled to announce that we’ll be featuring reviews of the LampizatOr Poseidon DAC and Sveda Audio NEON in the coming months. I can’t recall the last time I felt this exhilarated to the core. Despite the system’s not-so-astronomical price, this room stood shoulder to shoulder with the very best setups we encountered in those three extraordinary days.

Catalin Cristescu’s picks:

Another day, another story.

I searched frantically for LampizatOr room. I have read so much about it but have yet to listen attentively. It is hard to do that at a show. Not this time. Lukasz Fikus had put together a proper show and room here. Not only did it sound so good, but it was so elegant in simplicity, and I will explain.

As you can imagine, it was pretty crowded outside. We had to wait for a few folks to exit the room so we could join the presentation finally. It was not a big room, but still… People lingered inside far longer than you expected; it seems they’ve forgotten about the time.

We finally entered the room and even found two chairs. Did you blink? 
If so, one hour later, we were still there, and when we finally gave up, we exited with our eyes down so we did not see all the harsh looks of the people waiting still outside. We were sorry, guys, really, but we are only humans, and it was so hard to let it go. In LamizatOr‘s room, one can dream forever, never to wake up.

Still dizzy, we looked at each other in disbelief. We just sat down on the floor after a few steps away. We needed to gather our thoughts and grasp the reality. 

What was all about in the end, you may wonder… We are not quite fainted hearts like that 😊
The system put together by Lukasz was astonishing. We have never heard anything more organic, natural, and real than the system in LampizatOr’s room. It was so elegant: the new LampizatOr Poseidon as a DAC and Preamp with Sveda’s NEON active bookshelves. Of course, as a source was LampizatOr Gulfstrem supercomputer and some state-of-the-art cables from KBL Sound, but imagine a DAC with active bookshelves at the essence.

The sound was mesmerizing. One could listen to this forever. Everything was big, vivid, liquid, detailed, dynamic, and airy; everything we appreciate in a sound system was present. But mostly, it was so fluid, so analog-like and beautiful. No digital harshness or glare can wake you up from the gorgeous reverie. Everything flowed; the details were presented elegantly, layering just so revealing, the dynamic so rewarding.

The turntable exchanged places from time to time with the digital source. It was absolutely flawless if you kept your eyes closed; you had no idea what the source was playing. The preamp part of the LampizatOr Poseidon was also used for the analog source in the entire analog domain.

Lukasz took the time the next day when we returned to the room to talk to us. It was a pleasure to understand more about why and how he accomplished such a beautiful thing. We have not found all the answers, but meeting and talking to the creator was a pleasure. I would say that this was the most significant achievement at this show – to meet and speak with such great people. We talked to Arek Szeda and discovered the man behind the brand. I had never heard before of Sveda Audio, but their NEON speakers kept up so well with the LampizatOr that this alone is a magnificent accomplishment. We want to talk to these people again and discover more because their work can be called as pure and straightforward as wizardry.

Wilson Audio / Dan D’agostino / Synergistic Research / dCs. We’re well-acquainted with Wilson Audio speakers, and when I reminisce about the top three listening rooms I’ve experienced among friends, one invariably features Wilson Audio speakers. The Sasha V, though not imposing or intimidating in appearance, unleashed a hot-rodded attitude as soon as the tunes hit the air. Their dynamics, grand scale, and the sheer thunder of their bass went beyond what I had ever imagined. For the remaining days of the event, I don’t think we encountered more impactful-sounding speakers. These were absolute powerhouses in terms of dynamics. Positioned in the front row, after a relentless 15-minute performance, I found myself checking for bruises on my chest. The bass kick was nothing short of spectacular, as was their incredibly lifelike tonality. Undoubtedly, the D’Agostino amplification provided an immense boost, as the needle on the stereo amplifier barely seemed to budge. The Sasha V speakers left a lasting impression with their commanding dynamics and an expansive scale that flooded the room with an abundance of sound. This setup delivered a highly engaging and entertaining sonic experience, truly deserving of our utmost accolades.

2. Honorable Mentions

Fezz Audio / PYLON Audio. Let me kick things off by highlighting that aesthetically pleasing HiFi equipment adorned with an array of vacuum tubes generally tends to lean toward the pricier end of the spectrum. That is unless you’re talking about Fezz Audio. Their pricing genuinely caught us by surprise, ranging between 1.5K to 3K EUR for stereo and mono amplifiers, integrated and power amplifiers. These folks are delving headfirst into affordable HiFi that doesn’t compromise on sound quality. Fezz turned heads with the introduction of their Equinox tubed DAC, a collaborative venture with Lukasz of LampizatOr. It not only boasted an impressive look but also delivered a sound akin to a scaled-down version of a LampizatOr DAC. Paired with PYLON Diamond 30 MkII loudspeakers, you could effortlessly assemble a striking setup under 8K EUR that packs both an impressive sonic punch and visual appeal. In addition, their exhibit stood out for having one of the most natural, smooth, and organic sound presentations at the show.

Ayon Audio / Lumen White. Undoubtedly, the most visually captivating room at the AVS 2023 – a veritable candy store for the eyes. Everything exuded a gleaming, colorful, and delectable allure. Ayon Audio electronics have always possessed an irresistible magnetic pull on me, especially those imposing tube monoblocks. Lumen White, in a dazzling debut, showcased their Kamea loudspeakers, which not only looked majestic but also produced a sound that mirrored their appearance: grandiose, exquisite, and profoundly musical. As I shut my eyes, it was as if a grand orchestra materialized before me. The entire experience was larger than life, with the sounds breaking through the barriers. Even seated at the rear, everything remained tightly controlled and crystal clear. I struggled to find a single fault with this setup, except for the fact that nothing particularly stood out amidst its overall excellence.

Goldmund / Aries Cerat / Kharma / XACT. Our initial jolt came from the sheer size of the Aries Cerat DAC, which towered over any other DAC and power supply in sight that day. Paired with XACT’s latest S1 music server & digital transport, Aries Cerat’s top-tier DAC, and Goldmund’s finest mono amplifiers, the petite Kharma speakers projected immense effortlessness, smoothness, and an overall ease in their sound. The auditory experience repeatedly burst forth with vibrant energy, showcasing impressive high dynamic swings that defied expectations. I couldn’t fathom how such compact floor speakers could emanate such spacious, lively, and vivid sound. Once more, there was no hint of a flaw or even a hint of dullness; this room boasted an exceptional sound profile, though it was slightly overshadowed by our top-tier show contenders.

Audio Phonique. Shine bright like a diamond! That’s how those lustrous tube amplifiers appeared to us. Their allure was so intense that we almost wanted to give them a lick, but alas, their scorching output stages quickly thwarted that idea. It’s safe to say you’d be hard-pressed to find a more exquisitely designed tube amplifier, regardless of the price range. The Statement PSA1605 resembled pieces of art, seemingly worthy of display in an Art Deco museum. Their speakers boasted considerable size, and I’m confident their electronics could truly shine in a more expansive room. However, due to the room dimensions at the Radisson Blue Sobieski, the sounds seemed to slightly overlap, creating a bit of congestion. Nevertheless, the sound produced was rich, smooth, and utterly captivating. It’s a shame the setup wasn’t showcased in a larger space (hint, hint).

GigaWatt / MARTON Audio. Do you recall those colossal Gryphon Apex amplifiers? Those mammoth-sized powerhouses that seemingly require a nuclear plant near satiate the thirst of numerous transistors? Well, let’s just say Marton Audio’s Opusculum Reference V3.0 would appear equally intimidating with its monumental proportions. This amplifier effortlessly drove massive electrostatic speakers, infusing the entire setup with a hefty dose of energy, adding plenty of rumbles down low. While GigaWatt is a relatively young company, endeavoring to compete with industry giants like Oyaide and Furutech, we were pleasantly surprised by the remarkable craftsmanship displayed in their units. Their power strips boasted an impressive interior, exhibiting tidy cable management even within a tightly packed space. The passive power conditioner sported a plexiglass top, allowing a view of several transformers diligently performing their cleaning duties. We’re planning to procure a power conditioner and at least one power strip to conduct our routine evaluations.

Equilibrium Audio / ENERR / HEED Audio / Auralic. These folks managed to assemble one of the most budget-friendly setups at the Sobieski Hotel. HEED Audio electronics might not command attention with their size or imposing appearance, and they certainly won’t break the bank, yet their sound quality is remarkably natural. However, it was Equilibrium’s Verta S6 loudspeakers that truly left a lasting impression. Priced at just 6000 PLN or approximately 1350 EUR, these speakers emerged as the best-sounding affordable option we encountered at the show. Piotr Kwiatkowski was also quite the character; a cheerful individual who stood steadfastly behind his creations. He elucidated why his speakers produce a much larger sound than their cabinets might imply, and more importantly, why they pack such a punch with high dynamic range tracks. For those on the lookout for budget-friendly yet impressive loudspeakers suitable for an apartment setting, shooting Piotr an email would certainly be a wise move.

Diapason Loudspeakers. They seemed to be everywhere: present in the Holbo / Fonolab room, in the Norma Audio / Bona Watt room, and yet another room opted for their smallest KARIS III speakers. Consider this: these speakers utilize a diminutive 4” woofer and a 20mm silk dome tweeter, boasting a frequency response of 60 Hz – 20 kHz. Despite their petite stature, these speakers performed admirably, almost behaving like full-fledged floor-standing units. While the bass didn’t delve into deep, rumbling tones and punch, every other aspect stood out remarkably. Initially, we couldn’t help but jest upon seeing them, swiftly shattering our preconceived notions. It’s a classic case of not judging a book by its cover, as the sound produced was tight, swift, natural, and immensely engaging. It resonated so profoundly that I’m already contemplating the excuses I could conjure up for my wife to justify yet another pair of speakers.

II. Headphone Gear

2. Best Of Show (Sandu’s picks)

Ferrum Audio booth (WANDLA DAC, ERCO, OOR headphone amp, HYPSOS power supply). I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting the vibrant Ferrum Audio team, raising a toast to another three years of groundbreaking innovation and unconventional thinking. They’re delving into new projects, but hush, that’s just between us. The word on the street is that things are poised to get even better, not only for headphone enthusiasts but also for speaker aficionados. A promising future is anticipated with Marcin Hamerla steering their talented team. We’ve delved into the fundamental principles underlying all their products, and if you’re curious about our take, you’ll find comprehensive reviews for their WANDLA DAC, OOR & HYPSOS, and the ERCO DAC/Amp combo. Yet, in conversation, Maks, with his geeky enthusiasm, reaffirmed what makes their products so alluring and intriguing. During our conversation, I also shared some of my ideas with Maks, with a chance that they might find their way into their upcoming devices. The WANDLA, OOR, and HYPSOS aren’t just about delivering power and control for the most demanding loads; they also infuse a sense of joy when the music begins to play. The ZMF Caldera was undeniably impressive, heating the atmosphere when dynamics soared and soothing the soul with soft, mellow tunes. It stood out among the top-performing stacks at the show—compact, yet delivering a natural, incredibly dynamic, and emotionally engaging sound.

HiFiMan Booth (EF600, SERENADE, PRELUDE, EF1000DAC, Shangri-La Sr. with Jr. amplifier, and all other current production headphones). Certain elements truly left a lasting impression: the EF1000DAC, the Prelude, and the Shangri-La Sr. electrostatic headphones paired with the Shangri-La Jr. amplifier. With a price tag that can induce some serious eye-watering at $15,000, it’s evident that the EF1000DAC has everything needed to captivate the most die-hard headphone enthusiasts. Sporting four Himalaya PRO R2R ladder DACs, discrete op-amps, and eight output transistors capable of delivering a staggering 13.7 Watts of pure Class-A power into 32 Ohms, it not only drives the Susvara, but it unleashes their fullest potential, along with any other dynamic or planar magnetic headphone. I barely nudged its dial to 50%, yet I was immersed in a remarkably engaging, punchy sound that’s not likely to fade from memory any time soon. If you happen to possess an already impressive DAC, the PRELUDE headphone amp felt like having the EF1000DAC without the DAC segment. The power might not be as overwhelming, but it remained enjoyable in its sound, never constraining the dynamics with the Susvara or Audivina. Last but certainly not least, the illustrious Shangri-La Sr. exhibited a grand, effortless, majestic, and incredibly transparent performance. I experimented with tracks I knew inside out, unable to ignore their top-tier transparency and airiness. I was left utterly astounded, contemplating starting a savings plan for a pair shortly. While I’m still undecided about which amplifier to pair with them, the Shangri-La Jr. amplifier handled them impressively well.

Spirit Torino booth with Lotoo Mjolnir and Shanling Onyx stack. Andrea is a nice guy and clearly, he’s very much into music as he’s into crafting headphones. I’m not sure if the Onyx was playing tricks on me, but Valkyria sounded like proper flagship material headphones. The stage was open and wide, I had plenty of sounds all around my head, and they did a pretty good job with high dynamic range tracks. These were slightly more nuanced and textured sounding, bringing warmth and a wider color gamut versus the rest of their doings. They looked unusual and sounded unlike any other headphones on the show.

Catalin Cristescu’s picks:

I kept for the end maybe the best story of the show.
The story of the people – the visitors and the manufacturers alike.

The warm and kind people from Ferrum Audio were so generous to invite us to the anniversary dinner of their three years on the market. And they have so much to celebrate! We met so many lovely people from other publications all over the world. I felt overwhelmed to sit at the table with Michael Framer (The Absolute Sound), Brigit Hammer-Sommer (HiFi Statement Magazine), Fotios Fotiadis (hxosplus SOUND VISION magazine), Eric Fung (Super AV China) and so many others. Thank you so much, Marcin Hamerla, for inviting us!

We met Mark Ramos from HifiMan, such a joyous guy every time. It was a pleasure to talk to him in person again and listen to Shangri-La Sr. headphones for the first time for me. I enjoyed the great sound and a lovely experience at the HifiMan booth.

We landed in a particular room with a small but superb, beautiful tube amplifier. At first glance, I did not notice the glorious KR tubes on top of the amp, maybe because those were KT150s of a strange shape. I had yet to learn that the well-regarded Czech company produced that tube. A lovely lady sitting with us in the audience graciously told us more about those rare tubes manufactured by KR Audio Electronics and so much more about the high-quality approach and why it takes so long to build something like this. At the end, she handed us a business card. Leaving the room, I looked again closely at the card before pocketing it, and my jaw dropped when I read the name on it. The knowledgeable, lovely lady was Dr. Eunice Kron from KR Audio. Incredible, isn’t it?

Fezz Audio partnered with PYLON Audio to build an elegant and accessible system. The partnerships bring together two of the strongest manufacturers from Poland to demonstrate that high-quality sound is possible at a very decent cost. And if we talk about Fezz, we speak about tubes again. And that was a silver lining in the show. More than 90% of the systems were built around tubes. This is not just a trend anymore; this is a reality. The team of Fezz/Pylon welcomed us nicely and uncovered a little bit of the secret product awaiting revealing the next day. It was a new DAC with a tube output stage, a first collaboration with LampizatOr. We are waiting to meet those guys again soon.

Heed Audio’s room was another revelation of how affordable products can mean business. Their Verta S6 loudspeakers sounded really good, and the form factor and color personalization spoke about the present, the young generation, and modern interiors. But mostly about great sound. We met the friendly designer in person, Piotr Kwiatkowski, and we will definitely talk again; it was such a pleasure to meet him. He spoke with so much passion that we could have listened for hours.

We spotted a lot of FARAD power supplies in different corners of the rooms. Clean power is a must in any audio chain, and one of the best power supplies kept showing in the most pretentious systems. It was even sad that sometimes the most essential equipment, the pillar of the source, was tacked away from the front stage. But we know the truth, and we are always looking behind the front row 😊

Gigawatt, another strong Polish company, had a perfect booth. Again, the power took the stage, and we exchanged excellent knowledge with the people we met at the Gigawatt room. We will continue to learn more about their endeavors because we were impressed by the high quality of their products.

We met many great people, extremely passionate about their creations, with knowledge and love for music. Ultimately, it was so impressive that it was hard to describe everything. The show attracted so many young people; you could see families with children, teenagers, and very passionate people enjoying music and socializing amicably with the manufacturers. The Warsaw Audio Video show is about music, joy, knowing people, and learning new stuff. And that was so refreshing. We promised each other that from now on, we would not miss it. Again, I thank Marcin (Ferrum Audio) and the Warsaw Audio Video Show organizers. It was a great experience, something to remember for a long time.

III. Wrapping Up

The array of rooms at the exhibit left an indelible mark on us. The JAVA HiFi Room, in particular, captured my fascination, especially with its GaN FET integrated amplifiers—a fusion of mesmerizing sound, operational ingenuity, and sleek design. The Provocateur 300B amplifier from Closer Acoustics also etched a positive memory, where the 8mm Audiolab speakers and RADA amplifiers delivered an astonishing performance in harmony. The allure of the exquisitely crafted 8mm speakers, exuding a high-end HiFi aura from every inch of their polished wooden exterior, was irresistible.

Cyrus Audio’s showcase was equally impressive. While their electronics might not have been the pinnacle of aesthetics, their sound quality embodied true HiFi essence, compact and offered at accessible prices. Among the myriad treasures discovered at the event, the Lucarto Audio electronics shone the brightest. Their flagship Songolo P300SE preamp, MA300BSE mono amplifiers, and D300SE tubed DAC not only resembled contemporary furniture pieces but also resonated with a symphony of flawless clarity, capable of thawing even the coldest of hearts.

How about the visual tech on display? Let’s just say it was like gazing through a window into tomorrow’s entertainment. The screens were so sharp, they could probably cut through the mundane and whisk you away to a world of vibrant colors and jaw-dropping clarity. It was like a kaleidoscope of visual innovation, leaving your retinas hungry for more.

But the best part? The vibe! Attendees weren’t just wandering around – they were grooving, bobbing their heads in unison to the beats, lost in the mesmerizing amalgamation of sight and sound. It wasn’t just an exhibition; it was a party for the senses!

In a nutshell, the Audio Video Show 2023 wasn’t just about gizmos and sounds; it was an adventure into a wonderland of audio-visual excellence, where technology and entertainment met in a harmonious duet, leaving all in attendance buzzing with excitement and a little closer to reaching audio nirvana!

We already find ourselves missing the amiable people and the charm of the beautiful city. Before bidding adieu, discover below a trove of several hundred pictures for your viewing pleasure. Until we meet again, folks!

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