Overall Score: 90/100

Matrix Audio Mini-i 4 Streaming DAC Review & Comparison with EverSolo DMP-A6

Two years back I got my hands on the Matrix Audio Mini-i 3 Pro DAC. Funny thing, I’ve also reviewed their Mini-i 2 and the very first Mini-i way back in 2014 ~roughly 9 years ago. I have fond memories about each of them, as they looked like pieces of modern furniture and with each release, their feature set became richer and their sound a lot clearer. But you know what? In the era we’re living in, a simple DAC just won’t cut it anymore as we’ve moved way past offline music playback. Since Matrix Audio has got a solid track record building all sorts of wired & wireless audiophile grade streamers, they’ve brought that experience to the table in crafting their most budget-friendly wired streamer, DAC, and Preamp – that I’m going to review today. It’s called the Mini-i 4, priced at a reasonable 650 USD and let’s see how it performs in both a headphone and stereo setup.

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