Apos Audio prepared additional audiophile combos at a nice discount.

Ever since Apos Audio announced their Ensembles consisting of a matching DAC and headphone amplifier at a pretty discount when bought together, we no longer get tens of emails asking about a perfect matching between a DAC and a headphone amplifier.

They recently created a brand new SMSL-9 Ensemble featuring the SMSL SU-9 DAC, the SMSL SH-9 headphone amp (that will be tested around here very soon), a Fanmusic C006 balanced cable, and your choice from six pairs of headphones. The newest Ensemble comes with an Extended 2-Year Warranty, Free Returns, Free Priority Shipping in USA, and a 30-Day Lowest Price Match (which is now extended for the 2020 Holiday Season).

If you are curious what other Ensembles they have in store, check them out below:

  1. TOPPING 30-Series Ensemble: E30, L30, & Headphone
  2. SMSL 200-Series Ensemble: SP200, M200, & Headphone
  3. TOPPING 90-Series Ensemble: A90, D90, & Headphone
  4. TOPPING DX7 Pro Ensemble: DX& & Headphone
  5. SMSL M500 V2 Ensemble: M500 & Headphone
  6. Matrix element-X Ensemble: element X & Headphone
  7. xDuoo TA-30 Ensemble: TA-30 & Headphone
  8. Yulong DA10 Ensemble: DA10 & Headphone

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