Apos revealed the headphone that we’ve been working on together: the Apos Caspian!

Everything started last year on a Friday evening. While I was enjoying my time in the company of a glass of whisky and some electric blues, I’m getting a call from a good friend asking if it’s possible making a headphone that should be different to anyone else’s, affordable, hand-made, unique sounding and be finished in less than six months. While all that might sound like an easy task…to me it sounded like climbing Mount Everest bare footed. I didn’t sleep that night…I was thinking how it should look, what materials should be used, what drivers should it have and at what size. I thought deeply about its sensitivity…I have a strong love ’n’ hate relationship with the Hifiman Susvara, which is currently being driven by two power amplifiers. I’ve immediately discarded the idea of making a headphone from scratch, as for something of this caliber two to three years of trial and error would be necessary, on top of that I didn’t have access to a CNC, leather or wood-carving machine, so we needed someone that already has all the necessary tools. The next minute I was thinking about headphone manufacturers that could help us and since the coolest, honest and down-to-Earth CEO I know is Valentin Kazanzhi of Kennerton Audio, even that evening I pictured that we’re going to make a unique headphone with the help of Valentin’s team. Everything else is history and luckily Caspian have seen the light of the day. There is so much more to this story, but more about it in our upcoming world-first review of the Caspian.

Before I am finishing my playlist, please check out the Caspian announcement right here and another blog post about its measurements right here.

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