Burson Audio embraces balanced drive with Conductor 3X Reference

Introducing the Burson Conductor 3X Reference

Burson Conductor 3X: Balanced DAC/Headamp/Preamp
Fully balanced with one DAC chip per channel. Top-quality components throughout including Neutrik XLR connectors, the C3X is the perfect command centre for any XLR audio systems.

  • Retail price $2,200 USD inc shipping.
  • Exclusive Pre-Order Offer: $1,649 inc shipping.
  • Discount never to be repeated. ie It will be more expensive on Black Friday.
  • Delivery of all pre-order units before the 20th Dec. 2019
  • Offer ends 15th, Nov. 2019.

Advance Digital Power:
Dual ESS9038 DAC chips, Xmos USB receiver with customised driver by Thesycon, Germany. DSD512 and 38bit/786khz playback capacity. Bluetooth 5.0 AptX-HD Input. This Conductor is for those who go the extra mile in pursuit of perfection.

Overwhelming Driving Power:
5 Sets of Burson proprietary Max Current Power Supplies, outputting 7.5wpc (XLR), 3.25wpc (SE) The C3X drives any headphone under the sun.

A new level of Cool:
With its all-new space grey ‘Cool Case’, this Conductor looks cool and plays cool. While its all-new intuitive control interface keeps user calm and cool.

It can be pre-ordered following this link

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