Headphiles! Assemble! Apos Audio prepared audiophile combos at a discount

It is not a surprise to anyone that we love headphones! We love building headphone setups, we love matching different DACs with headphones amplifiers. We love them on the go, in the gym, but the most – we love them in our homes. We love them so much, that we are currently building an actual wall full of headphones…that will be revealed at a later date, stay tuned for that.

We tested a lot of two box solutions consisting of a DAC and of a headphone amplifier, some of them were really world-class combos, some of them were middle ground overachievers and some of them will get your started through this wonderful journey. Topping D90 and A90 combo is still our favorite combo that is really hard to beat even at double its price. I consider the SMSL M200 plus that THX-AAA based SP200 as the middle ground option that works well even with hardest loads. Topping E30 and L30 combo will get you started and offer you a glimpse of what’s this all about. There are many other cool combos that we have tested and recommended multiple times.

Of course, there are quite a lot of web shops that are selling these combos at standard prices, but there is only one what will offer them to you at a nice discount, where you can even add a headphone for even bigger discounts.

I will let Apos Audio introduce all their combos bellow:

Apos Audio is pleased to now offer equipment bundles that we are calling Apos Ensembles. Apos Ensembles have been specially curated by our team of audio professionals, and just as an ensemble refers to a group of musicians playing in harmony together, each of our Ensembles is a coordinated group of equipment that we’ve brought together to form a superior listening experience. Every Apos Ensemble comprises a DAC, headphone amp and headphone options that pair exceptionally well together. Furthermore, with Apos Ensembles you will realize considerable savings from what you would normally pay for all items individually purchased together, depending on the combination. Many of you in the community have frequently requested that Apos create a bespoke collection of audio gear that you can score, and we are happy to bring you these first three Ensembles that you can now acquire:

  1. TOPPING 30-Series Ensemble: E30, L30, & Headphone
  2. SMSL 200-Series Ensemble: SP200, M200, & Headphone
  3. TOPPING 90-Series Ensemble: A90, D90, & Headphone
  4. TOPPING DX7 Pro Ensemble: DX& & Headphone
  5. SMSL M500 V2 Ensemble: M500 & Headphone
  6. Matrix element-X Ensemble: element X & Headphone
  7. xDuoo TA-30 Ensemble: TA-30 & Headphone
  8. Yulong DA10 Ensemble: DA10 & Headphone

Why Apos? It’s simple, they are offering free priority shipping in USA, lowest price guarantee (they will price match any online price from anywhere), they will add a second year of warranty for free and you have 30 days to decide if you really love your purchase or not.

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