Burson Audio unveiled its newest FUNK integrated amp that doubles as a headphone amp

Burson Audio just unveiled their newest 3-Watts per channel, fully discrete headphone amplifier that doubles as a 45-Watt per channel Class-AB integrated amplifier!

Some Funky facts first:

  • Their proprietary Max Current Power Supply is what gives their products that power and dynamic without the noise associated with traditional switching power supplies. Unfortunately, MCPS was limited to outputting about 10W. As such, while its great for headphone amps, they were unable to use this technology making speaker amps. Until now.
  • The Funk is one of the very few amplifiers that are designed specifically for near-field listening. (desktop speaker listening, gaming or small room listening). It has a very quiet noise floor and very fine volume control.
  • The Funk outputs 45 Wpc, but since it is powered by their latest breakthrough in MCPS, the Funk punches above its weight.
  • Most people may assume when seeing the size of the Funk, that it’s a Class-D amplifier. No. It’s actually a classic high-end Class-AB speaker amp. It runs hot and needs the entire case to regulate heat.
  • Its headphone amp stage is a fully discrete Class-A, outputting over 3 Watts per channel
  • The sound of the headphone output and speaker output can be independently altered by changing op-amps. You can tune its headphone output to match your headphones, while independently tune its speaker amp to match your speakers.
  • With its mic bypass, The Funk works with any gaming headsets and it is the perfect add-on for any high-end sound cards.

So we are getting a hot-blooded Class-A Headamp + a traditional Class-AB stereo amp in a very sexy looking case that wouldn’t rob too much space from your desk.

Its expected MSRP would be around $599

Learn more about Funk on its dedicated web-page right here

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