Burson goes all-in with their newest Timekeeper 3i DAC / HP Amp / Preamp / Integrated

Burson Audio’s latest all-in-one Timekeeper 3i seems like a dream come true for a minimalist. In a single box you are getting a proper dual-mono DAC with discrete output stages, a 2 Watts per channel Class-A headphone amplifier, a pre-amplifier, a 100 Watts per channel Class-AB integrated amplifier with 2 gain settings, plus some extra features like a Bluetooth receiver and a sub-woofer output. Can you guess what that means? No more cables! No more crowded shelves full of equipment. There’s just a Timekeeper 3i, your headphones and speakers and some high-quality time to be spent with your music collection.

Until recently Burson’s proprietary Max Current Power Supply (MCPS) was restricted to about 10W of power. While that was great and dandy for headphone amplifiers like Soloist 3X and Conductor 3X, it wasn’t enough for integrated and power amplifiers. This changed a lot with their latest breakthrough, first seen in the Burson Funk (45W per channel) and now in the Timekeeper 3i, Burson is finally taking their MCPS to the loudspeaker amplifier domain.

Early shoppers can get it at a discounted price of $2199 + shipping that includes a free Cool Stand. After which the price will get back to $2499 (including shipping).

Promotional video:

More about it right here.

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