Yamaha unveiled its best bookshelf speaker: NS-3000

![](/uploads/NS300 front.jpg)

Inheriting design philosophies from the now iconic NS-5000, the NS-3000 reflects Yamaha’s unyielding pursuit of perfect musicality from a flagship speaker – now available in smaller bookshelf form. An effortless, seamless, pure presentation of music.

The NS-3000 is a breakthrough in high-fidelity speaker design – fusing the latest innovation with an unparalleled musical heritage to convey the finest nuances in the music.

  • ZYLON™ drivers boast a sound velocity comparable to beryllium yet possessing the characteristic softness of textiles
  • New 16 cm woofer paired with NS-5000 tweeter
  • R.S. (Resonance Suppression) Chamber to suppress unwanted resonance
  • New acoustic absorber optimised for the NS-3000
  • Crossover circuit using the highest-quality components including the MCap® SUPREME EVO audio capacitor made by Mundorf of Germany
  • Includes SPS-3000 speaker stands designed specifically for the NS-3000

![](/uploads/NS3000 back.jpg)

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