KALLYSTE unwraps its first headphone amplifier – the AMETHYSTE

After two years of research and development, KALLYSTE will be presenting the next chapter in headphone amplification at the Munich High End Show 2023.

From day one, KALLYSTE urged to craft an ultimate headphone amplifier that won’t be bounded to a single headphone or be limited by power & performance. Pascal Curin, the man behind this project describes his work with the following words: “My electronics always pursue the same objective: to reconcile a pure and jubilant expression of music. For headphone listening, AMETHYSTE has taken this challenge to a new level of technical requirement which will lead to the birth of a new range of electronics at KALLYSTE”

The KALLYSTE AMETHYSTE is a high-end headphone amplifier but also a high-end preamplifier as ambitious as its older brother DEFI. It can therefore be completed by the DUEL mono blocks, by a single ALBEDO ONE stereo power amp, or by any other power amplifier out there.

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