Highly anticipated Topping D90 MQA DAC can be pre-ordered right now

To this day, our Topping D90 review was read more than 60.000 times and it is still one of the most discussed DAC in the comments section. We still think it is one of the best if not the best DAC in the sub $1500 price category but that soon will change with the release of MQA version of Topping D90 DAC.

It is just $100 over the regular D90 and it is adding a full-blown MQA decoder into the package that will be working on the USB input. Everything else remains unchanged and frankly we can’t wait to have a listen to it.

The US distributor of Topping Audio informed us that it will be shipping in about 10 days and it can be pre-ordered right now for $799 by following this link

Do note that Apos Audio is offering free worldwide shipping, an extra year of warranty, lowest price guarantee and 30-day free returns in case you didn’t like it.

![](/uploads/D90 MQA.jpg)

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