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FiiO K9 AKM Review – Better than the ESS?

What’s up everyone, Sandu here! Today we’re diving into a budget-friendly DAC/Amp combo that punches above its weight. Almost two years ago, FiiO released the K9 PRO at a price point of $850, and then about eight months ago, they released the standard K9, which boasted a similar look and sound to the K9 PRO, but at a much more affordable price of $500 by omitting the MQA decoder and top-of-the-line ESS silicon. Over time, both the K9 PRO and the regular K9 became popular choices due to their attractive price tags. It seems like the AKM silicon was destined to be included in the mix, and after months of adjustments and fine-tuning, the K9 AKM was ready to be unveiled, with a slightly increased price tag of $529. But the question remains: is it worth it? Let’s find out together!

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