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Topping D70 OCTO DAC Review – Topping’s Best Yet

Two months ago, I presented the Topping D70 PRO DAC review, a product that, in many respects, represents their flagship DAC. It boasts a brand new Aurora UI, digital FFT, and VU meters, which might pique the interest of some of you. As I previously mentioned in my review, the D70 PRO delivers a clean and resolving sound, albeit somewhat linear and flat. Pair it with the A70 PRO preamp and headphone amplifier, which shares these characteristics, and you have a highly technical audio setup that refrains from imparting any coloration to your sound.

Today, I’ll be offering insights into a follow-up DAC: the D70 Octo DAC. This device comes with some intriguing features and offers a notably different sound profile. Remarkably, it comes with a price drop from $699 to $599. Let’s dive into the details!

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