Overall Score: 89/100

SMSL DO400 DAC/Amp Review – The Mid-Fi King

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another video review. I always aim to be straightforward with you, and that’s a principle I’ll continue to uphold. As I mentioned in my Aune S9C video, I’m not a fan of manufacturers that flood the market with numerous product releases each year. It seems SMSL Audio falls into that category. However, amidst their extensive lineup, there’s one unit that stands out as different, hitting that sweet spot of price and features, poised to compete not only with pricier offerings from other brands but also with higher-end SMSL models.

The product in the spotlight today is the SMSL DO400, a versatile device serving as a DAC, preamp, headphone amplifier, and Bluetooth receiver. It’s priced at $499/€549. What intrigued me most was its performance when connected via I²S alongside a wired streamer, but we’ll dive into that shortly. First, let’s explore its design, build quality, and controls before delving into the sound quality. Let’s get started!

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