Overall Score: 92/100

EverSolo DMP-A6 Review – Feature Packed & Overwhelmingly Addictive

Hey everyone & welcome back. A few months ago, I reviewed a badass-sounding DAC called EverSolo DAC-Z8, and about a month ago I tested a Zidoo NEO Alpha streamer, music server & DAC which impressed me deeply. Very few know about this, but EverSolo is a sister company of Zidoo that focuses on audiophile-centric gear and if you look closely, there is a striking similarity between the NEO Alpha and EverSolo’s newest DMP-A6 streamer, music server, and DAC. The best part about the DMP-A6 is that most audio-centric features of NEO Alpha were moved into a smaller and way more affordable package, dropping the price point from $3000 to $860, which makes it one of the most feature-packed units to be reviewed around here below one grand. Find more about it in our video review below.

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