Amazing deals on Ultimate Ears custom IEMs!

Hunting for some irresistible deals on high-end Ultimate Ears Pro IEMs?

We’ve got you covered, but shush! Don’t tell anybody about this, it’s super-duper secret! Head over to Apos Audio and select your desired Ultimate Ears Pro IEMs, press the orange button on the lower right corner to engage a conversation with Apos team, then you’ll need to write a very specific message: “Don’t Rickroll My Ears, Ultimate My Ears” and you’ll get between 20 to 30% Off depending on the model. To be more specific, here are all those discounts.

This is a special discount and It’s not listed anywhere else. Oh! One more thing, don’t forget to tell them that Sandu sent you.

Another thing to know is that they are offering Lowest Price Guarantee from now until the end of the year. If you get anything from their store now and you’ll find a better deal later on any product they sell, they’ll refund the difference. How cool is that? Rick Astley cool!

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