Thalia Pumps Up the Power With Portable, Handcrafted Headphones

Established audio company, Erzetich, is set to launch its new model of headphones, capturing every note in a stylish, lightweight, first of its kind product.

Music to our ears

Crafted from quality wood and durable metals, Erzetich introduces audiophile headphones of exceptional quality and unique design. Inspired by the goddess of festivity, Thalia live up to their name with their full, festival sound and innovative design. Available in Tilla (a rich dark wood) or Salvage (light, recycled spruce), this brand new product allows for an immersive audiophile experience whilst still allowing external sound for safety purposes. Designed for life, Thalia headphones are fully serviceable to ensure great quality sound year after year.

Founder, Blaž Erzetič, says, “After the success of our two existing headphone models, we decided to combine the power of these with the convenience of portability. The result is a set of on-ear headphones with a superlative sound, handcrafted style and outstanding quality.”

The octagonal shape and unique wood design provide the perfect facade to Thalia’s look. Weighing 270 grams, Thalia is tuned to provide superior quality sound for portable devices including DAP, phone, portable DAC and tablet. Powerful, superior sound quality is guaranteed also through the 40mm titan coated drivers and, cabling which uses silver-plated oxygen-free copper with gold-plated connectors.

Pre-orders for Thalia will be available from November the 5th until December the 15th at a special pre-order price of 449 Euros (normal price 599 Euros).

About Erzetich

Launched in 2012 by Blaž Erzetič, Erzetich was born from the founder’s lifelong search for that great sound of music as it is meant to be heard. Combining his knowledge of electronics, acoustics and design, Blaž set about creating the ultimate in handcrafted amplifiers and headphones for music lovers. Among their users we may also find award-winning musicians and producers including Nile Rodgers, Bill Gould of Faith No More and Imogen Heap. Thalia is the latest product, joining the popular Phobos and Mania headphone models.

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