MISSION loudspeakers are on a mission to get you Hi-Fi at Low-Fi prices with the LX MKII Series

Mission LX series of loudspeakers were just updated to Mark II status, offering luxurious sound at entry-level prices.

Mission upgrades its award-winning LX loudspeaker range with a host of improvements, including technology trickled down from the QX Series. Four years on and Mission is ready to unleash a new, improved LX range – the LX MkII Series. The new line-up utilizes design elements evolved from the upmarket QX Series to build on the award-winning formula of the first-generation LX speakers, sporting a range of improvements that span the drive units, crossover and cabinet. With enhanced midrange and treble clarity and improved resolution of micro-dynamics, the Mission LX MkII Series delivers an even more thrilling listener experience.

The first thing to note is that the range has been extended. Whereas the original LX Series consisted of six models – two standmount speakers, three floorstanders and a centre speaker for home cinema systems – the LX MkII range comprises nine. There is an additional standmount model, a choice of two centre speakers instead of one, and a dedicated surround speaker that can be wall mounted or sited on top of the floorstanding models as an upward-firing effects speaker.

Mission LX MkII Series – the full line-up

LX-1 MkII – £189 per pair LX-4 MkII – £399 per pair LX-3D MkII – surround speaker – £249 per pair

LX-2 MkII – £229 per pair LX-5 MkII – £499 per pair LX-C1 MkII – centre speaker – £199

LX-3 MkII – £279 per pair LX-6 MkII – £599 per pair LX-C2 MkII – centre speaker – £249

Every speaker within the LX MkII Series is carefully designed to deliver maximum sonic expression with minimum compromise, despite the ‘budget’ price tags. The design team has fully optimized the performance of each model using sophisticated modelling tools and software, yet Mission’s original slogan, ‘Music is the Master, Technology is the Slave’, has never been more apt. Months of fine-tuning and rigorous listening tests have ensured that these speakers communicate with engaging energy and detail, bringing music to life with all the vibrancy and finesse one expects of Mission speakers.

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